* 2015-06-20  version 0.23

CloudLinux added
Handle fields in lsb-release being quoted

* 2014-12-18 version 0.22 by Michiel Beijen

Fixed version detection for CentOS 7 (RT#97638)
Added OS and version detection for Amazon Linux. (RT#88412)

* 2012-02-23 version 0.21

Added OS and version detection for Oracle Enterprise Linux
Fixed version detection for Fedora (reported by tlhackqueATyahoo.com, RT#69671)
Fixed OS and version detection for CentOS6 (RT#69847)
Added version detection for Scientific Linux

* 2010-12-05 version 0.20

Fixed version detection for Gentoo
CentOS detection (modified patch from XSAWYERX)
Start writing distribution-oriented tests
Build.PL added

* 2008-11-02 version 0.14_01

Remove bareword filehandles and 2-arg open
Will not install if not on Linux
Modernize Makefile.PL
Fix for 5.10
Pardus support (by BURAK, RT#27357)
Fix Fedora recognition (reported by sagarshahATsofthome.net, RT#11996)

* 2005-02-16

Added support for Redflag.

* 2006-01-16
Thanks to Judith Lebzelter now the module gets advantage of the LSB's /etc/lsb-release file.
Added support for Ubuntu and version information retrieval for gentoo, debian, suse, fedora,
redhat and slackware.

* 2005-03-10
Added support for yoper, arch-linux and libranet.

* 2005-03-09
Cleaned code.

* 2005-03-08
Version 0.03.
Added support for Adamantix and Trustix.

* 2005-03-07
Reduced needed perl version to 5.6.0.
Removed copyright line from pod documentation.

* 2005-03-06
Version 0.02.

* 2005-03-06
Added support for immunix, conectiva, tinysofa and va-linux.

* 2005-03-06
Updated changelog

* 2005-03-06 20:14:28 +0100
Version 0.01.