1.03  2014-07-07
    - Do not use List::Util anymore, until a strange bug
      get fixed (see t/listutil.t using pairmap instead
      of mapp)
    - fix a few POD errors
    - updated to Module::Install 1.08

1.02  2013-11-20
    - handle $a and $b warnings exemption for perl 5.19.6
      and beyond

1.01  2013-08-21
    - Internally use Lit::Util pair* XS functions when
      available for a major speedup
    - The last undefined element in an odd list is now
      readonly to mimic List::Util behavior

1.00  2012-03-22
    - no functional change, no need to update
    - bumping version number to 1.00
    - updated to Module::Install 1.06

0.30  2012-02-14
    - no functional change, no need to update
    - modified tests to pass under perl 5.15
    - updated to Module::Install 1.04
    - next version will probably be 1.00 as the module
      is proven to be stable

0.29  2008-08-12
    - no functional change, no need to update
    - updated to Module::Install 0.77 and remove
      auto_install() call in Makefile.PL
    - minor POD corrections

0.28  2007-12-06
    - Made sure mapp and grepp/firstp/lastp code blocks
      are executed in the same context as with map and
      grep (Johan Lodin)
    - Added a new context.t test to test this behavior
      (Johan Lodin)
    - clarify this in POD
    - added an example in POD on how firstp can be used
      to iterate pairs and emulating a last statement

0.27  2007-12-05
    - Relaxed warnings detection in tests. Should now
      pass again for perl 5.6.x
    - ignore warnX.t tests in coverage.pl

0.26  2007-12-04
    - removed warnings for $a and $b when they where
      not used in the module (Johan Lodin).
      This warning was due to the use of the warnings
      pragam in List::Pairwise 0.25
    - added tests for these warnings
    - warnings could be set FATAL in the last release
      because that was carp that was used (Johan Lodin)
    - some minor POD fixes

0.25  2007-12-03
    - removed croak when given a on odd list of
      arguments, warn if warnings are enabled, as
      suggested by Johan Lodin
    - added tests and pod for this new behavior      
    - added require for perl 5.006 in Makefile.PL:
      inplace modification tests were failing on
      perl 5.005 (Slaven Rezic)
    - moved coverage.pl in the t/ directory, so that
      it does not get install along Pairwise.pm
    - removed warnings in tests for $::NO_PLAN

0.24  2007-11-29
    - added a pair() function, as per Johan Lodin's
      suggestion, implementation and examples
    - added tests and POD for pair()
    - show sub name when croaking, making it easier
      to debug multiple chained mapp/grepp, as per
      Johan Lodin's request
    - renamed load.t to 01load.t
    - added tests description
    - clarified synopsis (I hope)
    - Updated to Module::Install 0.68

0.23  2006-11-27
    - In my hurry to remove uses of the 'warnings'
      pragma I forgot to set $^W to 0 where it had
      to. This is now fixed and it should work again
      under perl -w without issuing warnings.

0.22  2006-11-26
    - Improved test coverage (now 100%)
    - Added test coverage report to POD
    - Added 'vars' and removed 'warnings' pragmas to
      ensure compatibility with old perl versions

0.21  2006-10-23
    - Updated Module::Install (0.64)
    - Corrected typo in POD

0.20  2006-10-22
    - Fixed Carp::croak calls to run on Perl 5.9.x
    - Added clarifications in POD regarding in-place
      operations, as suggested by Andreas J. Koenig
    - Some other minor POD modifications

0.19  2006-10-18
    - First release on CPAN