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[Changes for 1.05 - 2010-05-27]

* Fix MANIFEST.SKIP so the signatures test won't cause bogus fail on Win32.
* Adds a "See Also" link to Text::Bidi. (Shlomi Fish)

[Changes for 1.04 - 2004-09-18]

* Add VERSION to POD; reorder things a bit; fix manifest.
* Modernise Makefile.PL a bit. 

[Changes for 1.03 - 2004-09-17]

* Revamped tests.
* hebrewflip() is now exported by default.  (Oded S. Resnik)
* Unicode support for Perl 5.8.1+.  (Oded S. Resnik)

[Changes for 1.02 - 2003-01-14]

* Added README and tests.
* Update MANIFEST, since Locale::Hebrew::Calendar is now distributed separately.
* main() should be int not void.