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Some revisions were not posted on CPAN; they were "internal"
 0.87		21/09/2006
 + Enh: you can say ltype => 'numeric' or ltype => 'sequential'
 * Fix: fix dead links in doc

 0.86		21/08/2006
 + Enh: '-n' parameter, to act like 'echo -n'

 0.85_1		04/04/2005
 * Fix: no more garbage in the directory :)

 0.85		04/04/2005
 + Enh: You can say colors => 0 to disable color
 * Bug: basename didn't exist on Windows, so use File::Basename
 * Fix: no more "\e[0m" when colors => 0

 0.84_6		30/07/2005
 * Bug: Test 1-init.t failed when not on Win32...

 0.84_5		30/07/2005
 * Bug: Test failed on win32
 0.84_5		28/07/2005
 + Enh: Check if cosmetic is one char long, and printable
 + Enh: In tests, test if /dev/null is writable, instead of checking OS
 + Add: Add tests to check wether options are failing when they should
 * Fix: Fixing a bug that make daemon => 0 act like daemon => 1
 + Add: Use Log::Funlog::Lang 0.3
 + Add: Much more accurate testing
 0.84_4		26/07/2005
 + Test improvement
 * Doc fixing
 + The function now return the message printed, instead of just '1' (useful for

 0.84_3		16/06/2005
 + Doc improvement
 + Splash option added
 * Really check version when you say 'use Log::Funlog <version>'
 0.84_2		25/04/2005
 * test.t was bugged, again

 0.84_1		25/04/2005
 * test.t was bugged

 0.84		14/04/2005
 * No more complaining when you ask verbose absurdly high ( > levelmax)
 + Colors in log, if you want, and if your are not under MSWin
 + Splitting funny sentences from Log::Funlog's core to Log::Funlog::Lang. Long
 time since I wanted to do such a thing! So I can clean the directory from all
 the stuff laying around.
 + If Log::Funlog::Lang is not present and you don't ask for fun, it won't
 complain (so that you can use Log::Funlog in a production environment: it
 has no more fancy things in it that a customer could see.)

 0.83_2		08/03/2005
 * Complained that %ss was defined without 'caller' option even if you don't
 specify %ss
 0.83_1		17/02/2005
 * caller => 1 was bugged
 + Warn if %ss is specified and 'caller' was not, then assume caller => 1

 0.83		25/01/2005
 * README Updated
 * Speed improvement (I hope)
 + You can now say %d<-->d or %d-><-d or funny things like that (as long as it
 is somewhat symetric)
 * Clarity code improvement

 0.82		27/12/2004
 * Numbering change so that it conforms to perl usage, and you can say:
 	use Log::Funlog 0.82;
 + You can now say:
 	verbose => 'n/m',
 and n can be 'max'. What for? In case of n is an option of the command line,
 and you want the max debug level: you don't have to remember what is the max debug
 level, just say 'max' :)	21/12/2004
 * Doc update	17/12/2004
 * Same as below	15/12/2004
 + 'caller' now accept 'last', and a number n. Il will respectively print the last
 call and the last n call(s).
 + If this number is negative, it will print the n first calls.
 + Now check if 'fun' and 'verbose' are of the correct form
 * Fix bug that garble the print of the stack call if you called the 'error' func
 before.	08/12/2004
 * Doc bug fix	30/09/2004
 * Doc improvement	29/09/2004
 * Bug fixes: header was garbled is 'cosmetic' or 'caller' were not specified as
 options but were in header.	22/09/2004
 * An other change in the interface: 'verbose' should be of the form n/m.
 Anyway, it is backward compatible :)	22/09/2004
 + New interface, much more flexible, more compact, but SUBJECT TO CHANGE!!
 - No more 'date' and 'prog' option
 - Not backward compatible, but your script don't ceased to work :))
 * Fix 'error_header' bug
 * Doc update
 * No installation type specified: should now compile everywhere.	13/09/2004
 * Fix t/test.t according to new syntax of 'caller'
 * Installation moved from 'vendor' to 'site	01/09/2004
 * Use of bless (I guess it looks better at perl's guru's eyes)
 * use strict :D and should compile now
 * Comments now in english
 * Fix a bug that occure when no header are specified
 * Changelog moved to separate file	13/08/2004
 + "TODO" added to the pack	29/07/2004
 * Doc moved to top :)	23/07/2004
 + README added
 * Doc moved to bottom
 + Do not write anything if you log with priority 0
 0.7.2		23/07/2004
 + There is now the name of all calling subs if you specify caller => 'all'
 + Added to CPAN :)
 0.7.1		21/07/2004
 * Minor (cosmetic) bug fixes
 0.7.0		20/02/2004
 + 'error' function added.
 * Doc updated.
 + 'file' option was written not mandatory, but it complained if you didn't
 supply it.
 * Doc fixed 'bout the {} around the name of the sub
 - Wiped the ':' after the name of the subs
 0.6.3		16/02/2004
 * Fix a bug that garble logs if you don't chose 'date' option.
 0.6.2		06/01/2004
 * My mail address changed
 + {} around the name of the sub
 0.6.1		18/08/2003
 + This doc added :P
 0.6		14/08/2003
 + 'caller' option added
 0.5		08/08/2003
 + Lock of the log file, so the module can be used in forks and threads, without
 smashing the log file.
 + 'fun' option added, and not mandatory (I think it should :P)
 + 'daemon' argument no more mandatory: false when not specified.
 * Print to STDERR instead of STDOUT