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Revision history for Perl extension Lux::IO.

0.07  2009-05-14
      - fixed a bug: to avoid memory leak, applied bt->clean_data() to
        return value from bt->get()

0.06  2009-04-17
      - fixed a bug: Lux::IO::Btree now can store binary values.
        (Thanks to Naoya Ito)

0.05  2009-03-28
      - Lux::IO now supports Lux IO library above version 0.2.1
      - updated constant names to make consistent to version 0.2.1 of
        Lux IO
      - added LIBS option into Makefile.PL to resolve the link to
        luxio library.

0.04  2009-02-09
      - fixed a bug: options which passed into new() method was thrown

0.03  2008-12-28
      - fixed some documentation errors.
      - add .gitignore into MANIFEST.SKIP

0.02  2008-12-27
      - fixed some documentation errors.

0.01  2008-12-27
      - initial version