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Revision history for Perl suite MIDI-Perl

                                Time-stamp: "2023-10-11 10:58:40 conklin"

2023-10-05  Darrell Conklin

        * Release 0.84

        * documentation fixes (many) by Avery Adams

        * bug fix in track->skyline()

        * added Opus::skyline()

        * added Opus::format0()
2012-11-19  Darrell Conklin

	* Release 0.83

	* fixed GM patch 45 incorrect name: "Orchestral Strings"->"Pizzicato Strings"

	* added more explanatory error message in (track_count)

	* added a track->skyline() function
2010-12-23  Darrell Conklin

	* fixed typo in %Lengths hash in

2010-02-14  Darrell Conklin

	* maintainer -- DC has taken over as maintainer.  Thanks to SB for
	his excellent module.

	* Release 0.82
	* bug fix in where events_r_to_score_r would destructively modify events

	* bug fix in, when presented with two simultaneous events
	with the same note/channel, which led to unpredictable durations
	of score events, sometimes negative.
	* added grid quantization (to Opus, and Score)

2005-01-29  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.81 -- maintenance release.

	* No Perl changes -- just doc tweaks mostly.
	* Rearranged the dist's contents to be more modern-like.

	* Of course, more cowbell.
2002-08-21  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.80 -- just a docfix release, basically

	* Removing the out-dated Filespec.pod file.

	* To work around vstrings in Perl 5.6 (etc), MIDI::Simple volume
	specifications can now be expressed as V64 (etc), whereas
	previously you could only do v64.
	Bumping MIDI::SImple version up to 0.80.
2000-08-21  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.79

	* Bungled the Makefile on the previous release!  This time should work.
2000-08-21  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.78

	* Fixed odd bug in MIDI::Score that would prematurely terminate a
	pending note on one channel if you started (or ended) a note with
	the same note number on a different channel.

	New logic assumes (safely, I think) that you can only have one
	note at a time per note-number per channel.  (I.e., you can't
	start a C5 on channel 3, wait a second, start another C5 on
	channel 3, and have them both going at the same time.  I think
	that if you start a C5 on channel 3, then start another, the
	second will implicitly end the first.  Please do email me if you
	think this is non-standard behavior for a sequencer.)
2000-05-20  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.77

	* Fixing an incidental bug in MIDI::Simple (which surfaces only
	in Perl 5.6, apparently).  Thanks to Matt Burt (
	for finding the bug, as well as noting the fix.

	* Changed MIDI::Score::score_r_to_events_r and
	MIDI::Score::events_r_to_score_r (which were useful only in list
	context previously) to do something useful (and rather intuitive)
	in scalar context.
2000-05-14  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.76

        * Noting my new email address.
	* MIDI::_dump_quote() was a bit over-broad in what string values
	it considered numbers (i.e., what things it didn't have to put
	quotes around).  I've changed it to leave only integers unquoted.
	This shouldn't make any difference really, since if ever any Perl
	code (whether in MIDI-Perl or elsewhere) needs to treat a
	stringified numeral (whether integer or not) as a numeric value,
	conversion is automatic.  Anyhow, almost all (absolutely all?) of
	the actual numeric arguments to MIDI::Event events are integers.

2000-03-05  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.75

	* ChangeLog now goes recent-to-old, not old-to-recent

	* Changes in this version were mostly made in August 1999, but
	just never released:

	* A few optimizations to's loops.

	* now does a little more sanity-checking, to avoid
	attempting reads of insane sizes, such as might be attempted in
	the case of parsing a mangled file.

1999-05-13  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.74

	* Just made a few things friendlier to people using perl -w

	* Did ya see my article on MIDI-Perl in /The Perl Journal/ #14?
	See for back issues, or email me -- I might
	have it in some sort of electronic format.

1999-01-10  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.73

	* Just some changes to the docs:
	Changed the MIDI homepage URL.
	Added the Langston reference.

1998-11-09  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.72

	* Shigeaki Kobayashi <> pointed out a bug in
	MIDI::Opus's $opus->draw that was making it always ignore its
	options hashref.  Fixed.
	* More carps/croaks instead of warn/dies.

1998-11-04  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.71

	* Docs for MIDI::Simple are more complete now.
	* An obscure bit of note_map's behavior changed.
	But you'd never know, because this is the first version
	that ever documented note_map at all.

	* Added relative octave specs: o_d3, o_u3.

1998-10-18  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.70
	* Some stupid typos in fixed.

	* MIDI::Simple greatly expanded and changed.  Almost
	a total rewrite, in fact -- too many changes to explain.
	Docs are feeble, tho.

	* More modules use strict now.

1998-08-16  Sean M. Burke

        * Release 0.62: Hooboy! Third release in a 24-hour period!
	This time to fix a lame big in MIDI::Score.

1998-08-16  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.61: Feh.  Forgot to re-comment out the debug code
	in MIDI::Simple

1998-08-16  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.60: 
	Subtly destructive bug in MIDI::_dump_quote fixed.
	MIDI::Event::copy_structure didn't work; fixed.
	%MIDI::note2number and %MIDI::note2number were named backwards --
	note2number actually mapped numbers to notes, and number2note
	mapped notes to numbers.  It made no sense, so I reversed it.

	Ditto patch2number and number2patch!  What was I thinking?

	Typos in %MIDI::note2number fixed.  All the A#'s were "A#" instead
	of "A#3" or whatever.  I also changed the "#" for sharp to "s",
	giving, e.g., "As3" instead of "A#3".  This gives a representation
	compatable with MIDI::Simple's notation.  But note that
	%MIDI::note2number doesn't contain all of the possible ways
	MIDI::Simple could let you represent a note -- just a
	(semi-quirky) subset of them.
	New module MIDI::Simple.
	Added MIDI::Event:: score subs, to support draw() and
	Added MIDI::Opus::draw and supporting subs.

1998-08-14  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.52:  makefile fix.  chimes example in

1998-08-13  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.51:  First CPAN release.  Get it while it's hot!