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5.514	  2024-02-06  Dianne Skoll <>


	* Move the guts of the ambiguous_content method to MIME::Head

	* Add MIME::Entity->ambiguous_content that returns true if
	  this entity or any of its parts, recursively, has a MIME::Head
	  whose ambiguous_content method returns true.

	* Keep MIME::Parser->ambiguous_content as a cached version of the
	  most recently parsed $entity->ambiguous_content.

	* BUGFIX: Add some missing files to MANIFEST

5.513	  2024-01-25  Dianne Skoll <>


	* Add MIME::Parser->ambiguous_content to indicate one of several
   	  types of ambiguous MIME content that could be security risks.

	* Add the '@duplicate_parameters' pseudo-parameter to let caller
  	  detect duplicate MIME parameters on a MIME header.

5.512	  2024-01-08  Dianne Skoll <>


	* Use much larger chunk sizes for Base-64 encoding which reduces
	  both encoding time and space overhead.

5.511	  2024-01-02  Dianne Skoll <>


	* Silence a warning if used with a development version of

5.510	  2022-07-06  Dianne Skoll <>


	* Update author contact info

	* Make code work in taint mode

	* Clarify MIME::Entity documentation

5.509	  2017-04-05  Dianne Skoll <>


	* Fix CPAN bug
	  Makefile.PL fails with no '.' in @INC

	* Fix CPAN bug
	  Test t/Ref.t fails on Windows install

	* Fix CPAN bug
	  MIME::Parser::parse_data() should check what it gets back...

	* Fix CPAN bug
	  Allow \r\n to be used as line-end delimeter when outputting MIME

5.508	  2016-08-29  Dianne Skoll <>


	* Fix test broken by Perl update

5.507	  2015-09-30  Dianne Skoll <>


	* Fix parsing bug

	* Fix typo that broke MIME::Body::incore->open() on Perl 5.20

5.506	  2015-04-22  Dianne Skoll <>


	* Update maintainer's name to "Dianne Skoll"

5.505	  2013-11-14  Dianne Skoll <>


	* Fix documentation typos.

	* Fix broken test.

	* Don't run Kwalitee tests unless author or release tests are enabled.

	* Fix many documentation typos.

	* Fix bug in header parsing that would fail to parse a header like:
 	      Content-Type: ; name=""

5.504	  2013-01-30  Dianne Skoll <>


	* Fix encoding of MIME parameters that contain a quoted
	  string:  "like \"this"

	* Suppress useless warnings from tests

	* Fix long-standing bug in encode_mimewords that can
	  break multibyte-encodings (eg, utf-8)

5.503	  2012-06-08  Dianne Skoll <>


	* Avoid inappropriately untainting data

	* Localise $\ to avoid parsing problems if it's set elsewhere

	* Improve exorcising of filenames

	* Fix potential race condition in t/Smtpsend.t

	* Allow native I/O on File::Handle objects

	* Add "recommends Convert::BinHex" clause to Makefile.PL

	* Add module_name to Makefile.PL

	* Fix "Uninitialized value" warning

	* Don't run t/Smtpsend.t on systems that lack fork()

	* Add "use strict" everywhere

5.502	  2011-03-08  Dianne Skoll <>


	* NOTE to packagers (Debian, Red Hat, FreeBSD, etc.): Do not ship
	MIME::tools 5.500 or 5.501.  They both had serious bugs!

	* Fix parsing bug:

	* Fix typo:

	* Fix unit tests on Perl 5.8.x:

	* Fix unit test failure on Win32:  (

5.501	  2011-02-17  Dianne Skoll <>


	* Add build_requires 'Test::Deep'; to Makefile ( #64659)

	* Fix spelling errors ( #64610)

	* Fix double-decoding bug when decoding RFC-2231-encoded parameters
	  ( #65162)

	* Fix inappropriate inclusion of CR characters in parsed headers
	  ( #65681)

	* Document that MIME::WordDecoder is mostly deprecated.

	* Document that MIME::Head->get(...) can include a trailing newline.

	* Increase buffer size from 2kB to 8kB in MIME::Entity and MIME::Body
	  (part of #65162)

5.500	  2011-01-07  Dave O'Neill <>


	* (cleanup) IO-Stringy (specifically, IO::ScalarArray, IO::Lines, and
	  IO::InnerFile) is no longer used

	* (ticket 22684) Fix deadlock in filter() when invoking external
	  programs such as gzip. (Alexey Tourbin <at -at->)

	* Remove auto_install from Makefile.PL

	* (ticket 60931) If preamble is empty, make sure it's still empty after roundtripping through MIME::Entity

	* (ticket 63739) Properly decude RFC2231 encodings in attachment filenames

5.428     2010-04-22  Dave O'Neill <>


	* (ticket 56764) Build release with a newer Module::Install

	* (ticket 52924) ensure we add <> around Content-id data

	* (ticket 48036) make mimesend example script a bit more useful
	  (courtesy of Jerrad Pierce)

	* (ticket 43439) fix for parsing of doubled ; in multipart headers

	* (ticket 41632) If both RFC-2231 and non-RFC-2231 parameters are
	  present, use only the RFC-2231 ones

	* (ticket 40715) Reference Encode::MIME::Header in docs

	* (ticket 39985) correct POD typos

	* Only bind to localhost in smtpsend test, rather than to all available
	  interfaces.  This might avoid some of the test failures seen on

5.427     2008-06-30  Dave O'Neill <>

	* (bugfix) fix remove_sig() on invalid multipart message (RT #11901)

	* (bugfix) make_singlepart() no longer creates bizzare Content-Type: headers
	  (RT #37139)

	* (bugfix) process_part() no longer sets incorrect charset on empty
	  parts (RT #35369)

	* (bugfix) fix runtime warnings caused by incorrect pack() string
	  (RT #34451, #446342)

	* (docs) add "SEE ALSO" sections to POD docs (RT #30391)

	* (docs) fix documentation of MIME::Head::get() (RT #34552, #235189)

	* (packaging) Depend on IO::File 1.1.3, for its binmode() support (RT #34178)

5.426     2008-03-07  Dave O'Neill <>

	* (bugfix) require File::Temp 0.18 or newer, as we need seek()

	* (bugfix) Don't hang forever in t/Smtpsend.t (RT#31082)

	* (bugfix) require Perl 5.8.0 or newer in Makefile.PL (RT#30927)

	* (bugfix) encode_mimewords() no longer removes spaces between two
	  encoded words (RT#5462)

5.425     2007-11-17  Dave O'Neill <>


	* (bugfix) A stub for MIME::Parser's tmp_recycling() method has been
	  re-added to preserve compatibility.  Since recycling of tempfiles
	  never worked and has been removed, any code calling tmp_recycling()
	  should stop attempting to use the feature.

5.424     2007-11-07  Dianne Skoll <>


	* (bugfix) [ #29864] - lines in $entity->body() should be

5.423     2007-09-27  Dave O'Neill <>


	* (bugfix) Fix API regression - MIME::Entity::body() should return an
	  arrayref.  Fixes RT 29643.

5.422     2007-09-25  Dave O'Neill <>


	* (bugfix) Require File::Temp 0.17 or newer for IO::Seekable support.
	  This fixes test failures seen on Darwin.

	* (bugfix) Clear filer's purgeable() before calling init_parse().  Fixes RT 7858.

5.421     2007-09-21  Dave O'Neill <>


	* (enhancement) Use File::Temp for tempfile generation.  MIME::Parser
	  now has a tmp_dir() method for changing the temporary directory on a
	  per-parser basis.

5.420_02  2007-08-29  Dave O'Neill <>

	* VERSION 5.420_02 (developer release)

	* (bugfix) Correct 'use vars' and add a 'use strict' (fixes RT #22681)

	* (bugfix) Don't allow all-whitespace filenames in
	  recommended_filename() (fixes RT #6115)

	* (bugfix) Require IO-stringy 2.110.  Fixes RT tickets 11312, 11452,
	  12375, 12784, and 18791

	* (docs) Updated RFC references to refer to MIME RFCs 2045-2049 (RT #14119)

	* (cleanup) Warn if no decoder is found for a given encoding. (RT #22682)

	* (cleanup) IO::Wrap no longer used, IO::ScalarArray use minimized

5.420_01  2007-06-18  Dave O'Neill <>

	* VERSION 5.420_01 (developer release)

	* (bugfix) Fix warning generated by a header of "Content-Type: /".
	  Previous versions would warn about undefined variables.  We now
	  set a blank type and subtype.

	* (cleanup) Partial removal of dependencies on IO::Scalar and
	  IO::ScalarArray.  We now use Perl's built-in I/O on scalars as much
	  as possible.  NOTE THAT THIS REQUIRES PERL 5.8!

	* (cleanup) FileHandle usage removed in favour of IO::File

	* (cleanup) Remove broken utility methods -- shellquote() because it
	  didn't really make anything safe, and catfile(), because File::Spec
	  is better.

	* (cleanup) Multiple test cleanups, including removal of
	  ExtUtils/  Tests now use Test::More.

	* (cleanup) Remove support for recycling tempfiles ( tmp_recycling() and
	  its usage in new_tmpfile() )

	* (cleanup) Remove nasty "eval join('',<::DATA>) unless caller()"
	  testing code from various modules

	* (cleanup) Merge all changelog information from README and
	  MIME/ into ChangeLog

5.420     2006-03-17  Dianne Skoll  <>


	* Fix regression introduced in 5.419 -- quoted-printable
	encoding would sometimes fail on "textual" MIME parts.

5.419     2005-12-22  Dianne Skoll  <>


	* Added MIME::Parser->decode_bodies method.  This lets you force
	MIME::Tools to store body parts WITHOUT decoding them.  Useful
	if you need the exact unmangled message source (for example,
	for GPG-signing.)  Patch submitted by Jörn Reder.

5.418     2005-09-29  Dianne Skoll  <>


	* MIME/Decoder/ Localize "$_" in a couple of places.

	* MIME/ Turn off useless debugging output to STDERR

	* MIME/ Make the stringify method use IO::ScalarArray
	instead of IO::Scalar.  For small messages, performance may be
	worse; for large messages, it is definitely much better.

	* MANIFEST: Remove some useless internal files from the manifest.
	They were never meant to be part of the actual distribution.

5.417     2005-01-20  Dianne Skoll  <>


	* Require MIME::QuotedPrint 3.03 to use the three-argument
	"encode_qp" function.  If we have an earlier version of
	MIME::QuotedPrint, fall back to the one-argument version.

	* Field/ The patch to strip trailing whitespace on
	parameters was buggy and caused decoding errors.  This has been

5.416     2005-01-03  Dianne Skoll  <>


	* Allow MIME::Tools to work with MIME::QuotedPrint 2.20 again.
	The Makefile.PL will warn about potential problems, but will allow you
	to proceed.

	* Field/ Strip trailing whitespace when extracting
	parameters.  Apparently, not doing so can cause Perl to core dump
	on certain badly-formed messages.

5.415     2004-10-27  Dianne Skoll  <>


	* Fixed parsing of parameter="" in headers, and fixed case where
	multipart boundary is ""

5.414     2004-10-06  Dianne Skoll  <>


	* Remove MIME::QuotedPrint 3.03 as a dependency and add
	MIME::Base64 3.03 instead.

	* Check return values of I/O operations like open(), close(), etc.
	and die if they fail.  Problem reported by Mark Martinec.

5.413     2004-09-15  Dianne Skoll  <>


	* Fix some $VERSION = xxx assignments that were broken; make sure
	VERSION shows up as 5.413 everywhere.  Sorry about that!

5.412     2004-09-09  Dianne Skoll  <>


	* Recognize "binhex40", "mac-binhex" and "mac-binhex40"

	* Be much more strict in evil_filename, allowing only
	a set of known good characters.

2004-09-08  Dianne Skoll  <>

	* Skip BinHex decoding if prerequisite modules not installed.

	* Fix BinHex decoder so it encodes correctly; regression test for
	BinHex encoding now passes.

	* Require MIME::QuotedPrint 3.03 or newer.

	* Rename variable "$jkfis" to "$how_encoded"

	* Correct attribution of changes in changelog.

	* Correct bad regexp test for "bad PDF" files.

2004-09-07  Dianne Skoll  <>

	* lib/MIME/Parser/ (evil_filename): Make evil_filename
	more paranoid (Julian Field and Martin Blapp)

	* lib/MIME/Parser/ (exorcise_filename): Delete leading and
	trailing whitespace (Julian Field)

	* Remove all the Benchmark code (Martin Blapp)

	* lib/MIME/ Add support for BinHex encoded attachments
	(Julian Field)

	* lib/MIME/ Require MIME::QuotedPrint 3.03 or newer
	for correct decoding of binary attachments. (Alexey Kravchuk)

	* lib/MIME/Decoder/ Attempt to deal sanely with
	PDF files encoded using quoted-printable encoding by Outlook,
	which does not follow the RFC guidelines.  (Martin Blapp)

	* lib/MIME/Field/ Deal with RFC2231-encoded parameters.

	* lib/MIME/ Correct "7-bit", "7 bit" and "7_bit" to 7bit;
	likewise for 8bit lookalikes.  (Martin Blapp)

	* lib/MIME/ Add max_parts method to limit maximum number
	of MIME parts we are willing to parse.

	* DSKOLL took over maintainership of MIME::tools at version 5.411a.

Version 5.411
        Regenerated docs. Bug in HTML docs, now all fixed.

Version 5.410   (2000/11/23)
        Better detection of evil filenames. Now we check for filenames which
        are suspiciously long, and a new MIME::Filer::exorcise_filename()
        method is used to try and remove the evil. *Thanks to Jason Haar for
        the suggestion.*

Version 5.409   (2000/11/12)
        Added functionality to MIME::WordDecoder, including support for
        plain US-ASCII.

        MIME::Tools::tmpopen() made more flexible. You can now override the
        tmpfile-opening behavior.

Version 5.408   (2000/11/10)
        Added new Beta unmime() mechanism. See the MIME::WordDecoder manpage
        for full details. Also see the section on "Understand how
        international characters are represented".

Version 5.405   (2000/11/05)
        Added a purge() that does what people want it to. Now, when a parse
        finishes and you want to delete everything that was created by it,
        you can invoke `purge()' on the parser's filer. All
        files/directories created during the last parse should vanish.
        *Thanks to everyone who complained about MIME::Entity::purge.*

Version 5.404   (2000/11/04)
        Added new automatic MIME-decoding of attachment filenames with
        encoded (non-ASCII) characters. Hopefully this will do more good
        than harm. The use of MIME::Parser::decode_headers() and
        MIME::Head::decode() has been deprecated in favor of the new
        MIME::Words "unmime" mechanism. Please see the "unmime" entry in the
        MIME::Words manpage.

        Added tolerance for unquoted =?...?= in param values. This is in
        violation of the RFCs, but then, so are some MUAs. *Thanks to desti
        for bringing this to my attention.*

        Fixed supposedly-bad B-encoding. *Thanks to Otto Frost for bringing
        this to my attention.*

Version 5.316   (2000/09/21)
        Increased tolerance in MIME::Parser. Now will ignore bogus POP3
        "+OK" line before header, as well as bogus mailbox "From " line
        (both with warnings). *Thanks to Antony OSullivan (ajos1) for
        suggesting this feature.*

        Fixed small epilogue-related bug in MIME::Entity::print_body(). Now
        it only outputs a final newline if the epilogue does not end in one
        already. Support for checking the preamble/epilogue in regression
        tests was also added. *Thanks to Lars Hecking for bringing this
        issue up.*

        Updated documentation. All module manual pages should now direct
        readers to the main MIME-tools manual page.

Version 5.314   (2000/09/06)
        Fixed Makefile.PL to have less-restrictive requirement for
        File::Spec (0.6).

Version 5.313   (2000/09/05)
        Fixed nasty bug with evil filenames. Certain evil filenames were
        getting replaced by internally-generated filenames which were just
        as evil... ouch! If your parser occasionally throws a fatal
        exception with a "write-open" error message, then you have this bug.
        *Thanks to Julian Field and Antony OSullivan (ajos1) for delivering
        the evidence!*

               Beware the doctor
                  who cures seasonal head cold
               by killing patient

        Improved naming of extracted files. If a filename is regarded as
        evil, we guess that it might just be because of part information,
        and attempt to find and use the final path element.

        Simplified message logging and made it more consistent. For details,
        see the section on "Message-logging".

Version 5.312   (2000/09/03)
        Fixed a Perl 5.7 select() incompatibility which caused "make test"
        to fail. *Thanks to Nick Ing-Simmons for the patch.*

Version 5.311   (2000/08/16)
        Blind fix for Win32 uudecoding bug. A missing binmode seems to be
        the culprit here; let's see if this fixes it. *Thanks to ajos1 for
        finding the culprit!*

               The carriage return
                  thumbs its nose at me, laughing:
               DOS I/O *still* sucks

Version 5.310   (2000/08/15)
        Fixed a bug in the back-compat output_prefix() method of
        MIME::Parser. Basically, output prefixes were not being set through
        this mechanism. *Thanks to ajos1 for the alert.*

                shift @_,                               ### "shift at-underscore"
                   or @_ will have
                bogus "self" object

        Added some backcompat methods, like parse_FH(). *Thanks (and
        apologies) to Alain Kotoujansky.*

        Added filenames-with-spaces support to MIME::Decoder::UU. *Thanks to
        Richard Pun for the suggestion.*

Version 5.305   (2000/07/20)
        Added MIME::Entity::parts_DFS as convenient way to "get all parts".
        *Thanks to Xavier Armengou for suggesting this method.*

        Removed the Alpha notice. Still a few features to tweak, but those
        will be minor.

Version 5.303   (2000/07/07)
        Fixed output bugs in new Filers. Scads of them: bad handling of
        filename collisions, bad implementation of output_under(), bad
        linking to results, POD errors, you name it. If this had gone to
        CPAN, I'd have issued a factory recall. `:-('

               Errors, like beetles,
                  Multiply ferociously
               In the small hours

Version 5.301   (2000/07/06)
        class -- not fully backwards-compatible. In response to demand for
        more-comprehensive file-output strategies, I have decided that the
        best thing to do is to split all the file-output logic
        (output_path(), evil_filename(), etc.) into its own separate class,
        inheriting from the new MIME::Parser::Filer class. If you *override*
        any of the following in a MIME::Parser subclass, you will need to
        change your code accordingly:


        My sincere apologies for any inconvenience this will cause, but it's
        ultimately for the best, and is quite likely the last structural
        change to 5.x. *Thanks to Tyson Ackland for all the ideas.*
        Incidentally, the new code also fixes a bug where identically-named
        files in the same message could clobber each other.

               A message arrives:
                   "Here are three files, all named 'Foo'"
               Only one survives.  :-(

        Fixed bug in MIME::Words header decoding. Underscores were not being
        handled properly. *Thanks to Dominique Unruh and Doru Petrescu,* who
        independently submitted the same fix within 2 hours of each other,
        after this bug has lain dormant for months:

               Two users, same bug,
                  same patch -- mere hours apart:
               Truly, life is odd.

        Removed escaping of underscore in regexps. Escaping the underscore
        (\_) in regexps was sloppy and wrong (escaped metacharacters may
        include anything in \w), and the newest Perls warn about it. *Thanks
        to David Dyck for bringing this to my attention.*

               What, then, is a word?
                  Some letters, digits, and, yes:
               Underscores as well

        Added Force option to MIME::Entity's make_multipart. *Thanks to Bob
        Glickstein for suggesting this.*

        Numerous fixlets to example code. *Thanks to Doru Petrescu for

        Added REQUIREMENTS section in docs. Long-overdue. *Thanks to Ingo
        Schmiegel for motivating this.*

Version 5.211   (2000/06/24)
        Fixed auto-uudecode bug. Parser was failing with "part did not end
        with expected boundary" error when uuencoded entity was a
        *singlepart* message (ironically, uuencoded parts of multiparts
        worked fine). *Thanks to Michael Mohlere for testing uudecode and
        finding this.*

               The hurrying bee
                  Flies far for nectar, missing
               The nearest flowers

               Say ten thousand times:
                  Complex cases may succeed
               Where simple ones fail

        Parse errors now generate warnings. Parser errors now cause warn()s
        to be generated if they are not turned into fatal exceptions. This
        might be a little redundant, seeing as they are available in the
        "results", but parser-warnings already cause warn()s. I can always
        put in a "quiet" switch if people complain.

        Miscellaneous cleanup. Documentation of MIME::Parser improved
        slightly, and a redundant warning was removed.

Version 5.210   (2000/06/20)
        Change in "evil" filename. Made MIME::Parser's evil_filename
        stricter by having it reject "path" characters: any of '/' '\' ':'
        '[' ']'.

               Just as with beauty
                  The eye of the beholder
               Is where "evil" lives.

        Documentation fixes. Corrected a number of docs in MIME::Entity
        which were obsoleted in the transition from 4.x to 5.x. *Thanks to
        Michael Fischer for pointing these out.* For this one, a special 5-
        5-5-5 Haiku of anagrams:

                  in mutant code, O!
               Edit -- no, CUT! [moan]
                  I meant to un-doc...

        IO::Lines usage bug fixed. MIME::Entity was missing a "use
        IO::Lines", which caused an exception when you tried to use the
        body() method of MIME::Entity. *Thanks to Hideyo Imazu and Michael
        Fischer for pointing this out.*

               Bareword looks fine, but
                  Perl cries: "Whoa there... IO::Lines?
               Never heard of it."

Version 5.209   (2000/06/10)
        Autodetection of uuencode. You can now tell the parser to hunt for
        uuencode inside what should be text parts. See extract_uuencode()
        for full details. Beware: this is largely untested at the moment.
        *Special thanks to Michael Mohlere at ADJE Webmail, who was the
        first -- and most-insistent -- user to request this feature.*

        Faster parsing. Sped up the MIME::Decoder::NBit decoder quite a bit
        by using a variant of the chunking trick I used for
        MIME::Decoder::Base64. I suspect that the same trick (reading a big
        chunk plus the next line to get a big block of lines) would work
        with MIME::Decoder::QuotedPrint, but I don't have the time or
        resources to check that right now (tested contributions would be
        welcome). NBit encoding is more-conveniently done line-by-line for
        now, because individual line lengths must be checked.

        Better use of core. MIME::Body::InCore is now used when you build()
        an entity with the Data parameter, instead of MIME::Body::Scalar.

        More documentation on toolkit configuration.

Version 5.207   (2000/06/09)
        Fixed whine() bug in MIME::Parser where the "warning" method whine()
        was called as a static function instead of invoked as an instance
        method. *Thanks to Todd A. Bradfute for reporting this.*

               A simple warning
                  Invokes method as function:
               "Warning" makes us die

Version 5.206   (2000/06/08)
        Ahem. Cough cough:

               Way too many bugs
                  Thus, a self-imposed penance:
               Write haiku for each

        Fixed bug in MIME::Parser: the reader was not handling the odd (but
        legal) case where a multipart boundary is followed by linear
        whitespace. *Thanks to Jon Agnew for reporting this with the RFC

               Legal message fails
                  And 'round the globe, thousands cry:
               READ THE RFC

        Empty preambles are now handled properly by MIME::Entity when
        printing: there is now no space between the header-terminator and
        the initial boundary. *Thanks to "sen_ml" for suggesting this.*

               Nature hates vacuum
                  But please refrain from tossing
               Newlines in the void

        Started using Benchmark for benchmarking.

Version 5.205   (2000/06/06)
        Added terminating newline to all parser messages, and fixed small
        parser bug that was dropping parts when errors occurred in certain

Version 5.203   (2000/06/05)
        Brand new parser based on new (private) MIME::Parser::Reader and
        (public) MIME::Parser::Results. Fast and yet simple and very
        tolerant of bad MIME when desired. Message reporting needs some

        MIME::Parser now has ignore_errors() set true by default.

Version 5.116   (2000/05/26)
        Removed Tmpfile.t test, which was causing a bogus failure in "make
        test". Now we require 5.004 for MIME::Parser anyway, so we don't
        need it. *Thanks to Jonathan Cohn for reporting this.*

Version 5.115   (2000/05/24)
        Fixed Ref.t bug, and documented how to remove parts from a

Version 5.114   (2000/05/23)
        Entity now uses MIME::Lite-style default suggested encoding.

        More regression test have been added, and the "Size" tests in Ref.t
        are skipped for text document (due to CRLF differences between

Version 5.113   (2000/05/21)
        Major speed and structural improvements to the parser. *Major, MAJOR
        thanks to Noel Burton-Krahn, Jeremy Gilbert, and Doru Petrescu for
        all the patches, benchmarking, and Beta-testing!*

        Convenient new one-directory-per-message parsing mechanism. Now
        through `MIME::Parser' method `output_under()', you can tell the
        parser that you want it to create a unique directory for each
        message parsed, to hold the resulting parts.

        Elimination of $', $` and $&. Wow... I still can't believe I missed
        this. D'OH! *Thanks to Noel Burton-Krahn for all his patches.*

        Parser is more tolerant of weird EOL termination. Some mailagents
        are can terminate lines with "\r\r\n". We're okay with that now when
        we extract the header. *Thanks to Joao Fonseca for pointing this

        Parser is tolerant of "From " lines in headers. *Thanks to Joachim
        Wieland, Anthony Hinsinger, Marius Stan, and numerous others.*

        Parser catches syntax errors in headers. *Thanks to Russell P.
        Sutherland for catching this.*

        Parser no longer warns when subtype is undefined. *Thanks to Eric-
        Olivier Le Bigot for his fix.*

        Better integration with Mail::Internet. For example, smtpsend()
        should work fine. *Thanks to Michael Fischer and others for the

        Miscellaneous cleanup. *Thanks to Marcus Brinkmann for additional
        helpful input.* *Thanks to Klaus Seidenfaden for good feedback on
        5.x Alpha!*

Version 4.123   (1999/05/12)
        Cleaned up some of the tests for non-Unix OS'es. Will require a few
        iterations, no doubt.

Version 4.122   (1999/02/09)
        Resolved CORE::open warnings for 5.005. *Thanks to several folks for
        this bug report.*

Version 4.121   (1998/06/03)
        Fixed MIME::Words infinite recursion. *Thanks to several folks for
        this bug report.*

Version 4.117   (1998/05/01)
        Nicer MIME::Entity::build. No longer outputs warnings with undefined
        Filename, and now accepts Charset as well. *Thanks to Jason Tibbits
        III for the inspirational patch.*

        Documentation fixes. Hopefully we've seen the last of the pod2man

        Better test logging. Now uses ExtUtils::TBone.

Version 4.116   (1998/02/14)
        Bug fix: MIME::Head and MIME::Entity were not downcasing the
        content-type as they claimed. This has now been fixed. *Thanks to
        Rodrigo de Almeida Siqueira for finding this.*

Version 4.114   (1998/02/12)
        Gzip64-encoding has been improved, and turned off as a default,
        since it depends on having gzip installed. See MIME::Decoder::Gzip64
        if you want to activate it in your app. You can now set up the
        gzip/gunzip commands to use, as well. *Thanks to Paul J. Schinder
        for finding this bug.*

Version 4.113   (1998/01/20)
        Bug fix: MIME::ParserBase was accidentally folding newlines in
        header fields. *Thanks to Jason L. Tibbitts III for spotting this.*

Version 4.112   (1998/01/17)
        MIME::Entity::print_body now recurses when printing multipart
        entities, and prints "everything following the header." This is more
        likely what people expect to happen. PLEASE read the "two body
        problem" section of MIME::Entity's docs.

Version 4.111   (1998/01/14)
        Clean build/test on Win95 using 5.004. Whew.

Version 4.110   (1998/01/11)
        Added make_multipart() and make_singlepart() in MIME::Entity.

        Improved handling/saving of preamble/epilogue.

Version 4.109   (1998/01/10)
    Overall Major version shift to 4.x accompanies numerous structural changes,
            and the deletion of some long-deprecated code. Many apologies to
            those who are inconvenienced by the upgrade.

            MIME::IO deprecated. You'll see IO::Scalar, IO::ScalarArray, and
            IO::Wrap to make this toolkit work.

            MIME::Entity deep code. You can now deep-copy MIME entities
            (except for on-disk data files).

            MIME::Latin1 deprecated, and 8-to-7 mapping removed. Really,
            MIME::Latin1 was one of my more dumber ideas. It's still there,
            but if you want to map 8-bit characters to Latin1 ASCII
            approximations when 7bit encoding, you'll have to request it
            explicitly. *But use quoted-printable for your 8-bit documents;
            that's what it's there for!*

            7bit and 8bit "encoders" no longer encode. As per RFC-2045,
            these just do a pass-through of the data, but they'll warn you
            if you send bad data through.

            MIME::Entity suggests encoding. Now you can ask MIME::Entity's
            build() method to "suggest" a legal encoding based on the body
            and the content-type. No more guesswork! See the "mimesend"

            New module structure for MIME::Decoder classes. It should be
            easier for you to see what's happening.

            New MIME decoders! Support added for decoding `x-uuencode', and
            for decoding/encoding `x-gzip64'. You'll need "gzip" to make the
            latter work.

            Quoted-printable back on track... and then some. The 'quoted-
            printable' decoder now uses the newest MIME::QuotedPrint, and
            amends its output with guideline #8 from RFC2049 (From/.).
            *Thanks to Denis N. Antonioli for suggesting this.*

    Parsing Preamble and epilogue are now saved. These are saved in the parsed
            entities as simple string-arrays, and are output by print() if
            there. *Thanks to Jason L. Tibbitts for suggesting this.*

            The "multipart/digest" semantics are now preserved. Parts of
            digest messages have their mime_type() defaulted to
            "message/rfc822" instead of "text/plain", as per the RFC.
            *Thanks to Carsten Heyl for suggesting this.*

    Output  Well-defined, more-complete print() output. When printing an entity,
            the output is now well-defined if the entity came from a
            MIME::Parser, even if using parse_nested_messages. See
            MIME::Entity for details.

            You can prevent recommended filenames from being output. This
            possible security hole has been plugged; when building MIME
            entities, you can specify a body path but suppress the filename
            in the header. *Thanks to Jason L. Tibbitts for suggesting

    Bug fixes
            Win32 installations should work. The binmode() calls should work
            fine on Win32 now. *Thanks to numerous folks for their patches.*

            MIME::Head::add() now no longer downcases its argument. *Thanks
            to Brandon Browning & Jason L. Tibbitts for finding this bug.*

Version 3.204
        Bug in MIME::Head::original_text fixed. Well, it took a while, but
        another bug surfaced from my transition from 1.x to 2.x. This method
        was, quite idiotically, sorting the header fields. *Thanks, as
        usual, to Andreas Koenig for spotting this one.*

        MIME::ParserBase no longer defaults to RFC-1522-decoding headers.
        The documentation correctly stated that the default setting was to
        *not* RFC-1522-decode the headers. The code, on the other hand, was
        init'ing this parser option in the "on" position. This has been

        MIME::ParserBase::parse_nested_messages reexamined. If you use this
        feature, please re-read the documentation. It explains a little more
        precisely what the ramifications are.

        MIME::Entity tries harder to ensure MIME compliance. It is now a
        fatal error to use certain bad combinations of content type and
        encoding when "building", or to attempt to "attach" to anything that
        is not a multipart document. My apologies if this inconveniences
        anyone, but it was just too darn easy before for folks to create bad
        MIME, and gosh darn it, good libraries should at least *try* to
        protect you from mistakes.

        The "make" now halts if you don't have the right stuff, provided
        your MakeMaker supports PREREQ_PM. See the section on "REQUIREMENTS"
        for what you need to install this package. I still provide old
        courtesy copies of the MIME:: decoding modules. *Thanks to Hugo van
        der Sanden for suggesting this.*

        The "make test" is far less chatty. Okay, okay, STDERR is evil. Now
        a `"make test"' will just give you the important stuff: do a `"make
        test TEST_VERBOSE=1"' if you want the gory details (advisable if
        sending me a bug report). *Thanks to Andreas Koenig for suggesting

Version 3.203
        No, there haven't been any major changes between 2.x and 3.x. The
        major-version increase was from a few more tweaks to get $VERSION to
        be calculated better and more efficiently (I had been using RCS
        version numbers in a way which created problems for users of
        CPAN::). After a couple of false starts, all modules have been
        upgraded to RCS 3.201 or higher.

        You can now parse a MIME message from a scalar, an array-of-scalars,
        or any MIME::IO-compliant object (including IO:: objects.) Take a
        look at parse_data() in MIME::ParserBase. The parser code has been
        modified to support the MIME::IO interface. *Thanks to fellow
        Chicagoan Tim Pierce (and countless others) for asking.*

        More sensible toolkit configuration. A new config() method in
        MIME::ToolUtils makes a lot of toolkit-wide configuration cleaner.
        Your old calls will still work, but with deprecation warnings.

        You can now sign messages just like in Mail::Internet. See
        MIME::Entity for the interface.

        You can now remove signatures from messages just like in
        Mail::Internet. See MIME::Entity for the interface.

        You can now compute/strip content lengths and other non-standard
        MIME fields. See sync_headers() in MIME::Entity. *Thanks to Tim
        Pierce for bringing the basic problem to my attention.*

        Many warnings are now silent unless $^W is true. That means unless
        you run your Perl with `-w', you won't see deprecation warnings,
        non-fatal-error messages, etc. But of course you run with `-w', so
        this doesn't affect you. `:-)'

        Completed the 7-bit encodings in MIME::Latin1. We hadn't had
        complete coverage in the conversion from 8- to 7-bit; now we do.
        *Thanks to Rolf Nelson for bringing this to my attention.*

        Fixed broken parse_two() in MIME::ParserBase. BTW, if your code
        worked with the "broken" code, it should *still* work. *Thanks again
        to Tim Pierce for bringing this to my attention.*

Version 2.14
        Just a few bug fixes to improve compatibility with Mail-Tools 1.08,
        and with the upcoming Perl 5.004 release. *Thanks to Jason L.
        Tibbitts III for reporting the problems so quickly.*

Version 2.13
    New features
            Added RFC-1522-style decoding of encoded header fields. Header
            decoding can now be done automatically during parsing via the
            new `decode()' method in MIME::Head... just tell your parser
            object that you want to `decode_headers()'. *Thanks to Kent
            Boortz for providing the idea, and the baseline RFC-1522-
            decoding code!*

            Building MIME messages is even easier. Now, when you use
            MIME::Entity's `build()' or `attach()', you can also supply
            individual mail headers to set (e.g., `-Subject', `-From', `-

            Added `Disposition' to MIME::Entity's `build()' method. *Thanks
            to Kurt Freytag for suggesting this feature.*

            An `X-Mailer' header is now output by default in all MIME-
            Entity-prepared messages, so any bad MIME we generate can be
            traced back to this toolkit.

            Added `purge()' method to MIME::Entity for deleteing leftover
            files. *Thanks to Jason L. Tibbitts III for suggesting this

            Added `seek()' and `tell()' methods to built-in MIME::IO
            classes. Only guaranteed to work when reading! *Thanks to Jason
            L. Tibbitts III for suggesting this feature.*

            When parsing a multipart message with apparently no boundaries,
            the error message you get has been improved. *Thanks to Andreas
            Koenig for suggesting this.*

    Bug fixes
            Patched over a Perl 5.002 (and maybe earlier and later) bug
            involving FileHandle::new_tmpfile. It seems that the underlying
            filehandles were not being closed when the FileHandle objects
            went out of scope! There is now an internal routine that creates
            true FileHandle objects for anonymous temp files. *Thanks to
            Dragomir R. Radev and Zyx for reporting the weird behavior that
            led to the discovery of this bug.*

            MIME::Entity's `build()' method now warns you if you give it an
            illegal boundary string, and substitutes one of its own.

            MIME::Entity's `build()' method now generates safer, fully-RFC-
            1521-compliant boundary strings.

            Bug in MIME::Decoder's `install()' method was fixed. *Thanks to
            Rolf Nelson and Nickolay Saukh for finding this.*

            Changed FileHandle::new_tmpfile to FileHandle->new_tmpfile, so
            some Perl installations will be happier. *Thanks to Larry W.
            Virden for finding this bug.*

            Gave `=over' an arg of 4 in all PODs. *Thanks to Larry W. Virden
            for pointing out the problems of bare =over's*

Version 2.04
        A bug in MIME::Entity's output method was corrected.
        MIME::Entity::print now outputs everything to the desired filehandle
        explicitly. *Thanks to Jake Morrison for pointing out the
        incompatibility with Mail::Header.*

Version 2.03
        Fixed bug in autogenerated filenames resulting from transposed "if"
        statement in MIME::Parser, removing spurious printing of header as
        well. (Annoyingly, this bug is invisible if debugging is turned on!)
        *Thanks to Andreas Koenig for bringing this to my attention.*

        Fixed bug in MIME::Entity::body() where it was using the bodyhandle
        completely incorrectly. *Thanks to Joel Noble for bringing this to
        my attention.*

        Fixed MIME::Head::VERSION so CPAN:: is happier. *Thanks to Larry
        Virden for bringing this to my attention.*

        Fixed undefined-variable warnings when dumping skeleton (happened
        when there was no Subject: line) *Thanks to Joel Noble for bringing
        this to my attention.*

Version 2.02
        Stupid, stupid bugs in both BASE64 encoding and decoding were fixed.
        *Thanks to Phil Abercrombie for locating them.*

Version 2.01
        Modules now inherit from the new Mail:: modules! This means big
        changes in behavior.

        MIME::Parser can now store message data in-core. There were a *lot*
        of requests for this feature.

        MIME::Entity can now compose messages. There were a *lot* of
        requests for this feature.

        Added option to parse `"message/rfc822"' as a pseduo-multipart
        document. *Thanks to Andreas Koenig for suggesting this.*

Version 1.13
        MIME::Head now no longer requires space after ":", although either a
        space or a tab after the ":" will be swallowed if there. *Thanks to
        Igor Starovoitov for pointing out this shortcoming.*

Version 1.12
        Fixed bugs in parser where CRLF-terminated lines were blowing out
        the handling of preambles/epilogues. *Thanks to Russell Sutherland
        for reporting this bug.*

        Fixed idiotic is_multipart() bug. *Thanks to Andreas Koenig for
        noticing it.*

        Added untested binmode() calls to parser for DOS, etc. systems. No
        idea if this will work...

        Reorganized the output_path() methods to allow easy use of
        inheritance, as per Achim Bohnet's suggestion.

        Changed MIME::Head to report mime_type more accurately.

        POSIX module no longer loaded by Parser if perl >= 5.002. Hey,
        5.001'ers: let me know if this breaks stuff, okay?

        Added unsupported ./examples directory.

Version 1.11
        Converted over to using Makefile.PL. *Thanks to Andreas Koenig for
        the much-needed kick in the pants...*

        Added t/*.t files for testing.'s a start.

        Fixed bug in default parsing routine for generating output paths; it
        was warning about evil filenames if there simply *were* no
        recommended filenames. D'oh!

        Fixed redefined parts() method in Entity.

        Fixed bugs in Head where field name wasn't being case folded.

Version 1.10
        A typo was causing the epilogue of an inner multipart message to be
        swallowed to the end of the OUTER multipart message; this has now
        been fixed. *Thanks to Igor Starovoitov for reporting this bug.*

        A bad regexp for parameter names was causing some parameters to be
        parsed incorrectly; this has also been fixed. *Thanks again to Igor
        Starovoitov for reporting this bug.*

        It is now possible to get full control of the filenaming algorithm
        before output files are generated, and the default algorithm is
        safer. *Thanks to Laurent Amon for pointing out the problems, and
        suggesting some solutions.*

        Fixed illegal "simple" multipart test file. D'OH!

Version 1.9
        No changes: 1.8 failed CPAN registration

Version 1.8
        Fixed incompatibility with 5.001 and FileHandle::new_tmpfile Added
        COPYING file, and improved README.