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Revision history for MMS-Mail-Message-Parsed

0.06    13-Jan-2005 / 17:50
        Updated dependancies to include version numbers for MMS classes
0.05	09-Jan-2006 / 16:00
	Class::Accessor used to manage accessors
        Updated README
        Improved pod
0.04	29-Sep-2005 / 11:17
	Improved pod by adding formatting codes
0.03	22-Sep-2005 / 12:00
        Removed 'auto populate' feature for header_ methods
        Removed subject, text, from, to and datetime methods as these never change in the message or are available from the original MMS::Mail::Message::Parsed object.  This also means Provider classes do not have to populate these properties now the 'auto populate' feature has been removed.
	Added strip_characters functionality to enable character class stripping of message fields
0.02    17-Sep-2005 / 17:30 
        Added mobile_number property/getter/setter for storing the mobile number the message was sent from.
0.01    12-Aug-2005 / 15:00 
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.  Module is based on previous CPAN release MMS::MailMessage::ProviderParsed.