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* v0.82, 4 October 2009

  More Makefile.PL fixes.  Try to catch 64-bit-only perls.  Fix bug introduced
  in 0.81 for older gcc 4's.

* v0.81, 26 September 2009

  Fixes for building on 64-bit perls and Mac OS X 10.6.  Build should now work
  on any perl, whether self-built or system perl (unless your perl is 64-bit
  only), and tests should run under 32-bit mode.

  Other miscellaneous test fixes.

* v0.80, 16 September 2009

  Add notes for 64-bit perl

  Bump all the version numbers

  Fix a bunch of tests (nothing major, just make them work better)

  Fix sound-env-var checking code for tests (no more sound tests
  unless you ask for them with MAC_CARBON_SOUND, which was in the
  last version, but the logic was broken)

  Make CFStringRef typemap better

  Remove high-bit characters from source files

  Add new system version gestalt constants

  Fix leak in Mac::Processes and Mac::Speech


* v0.77, 6 July 2006

   Add typeAbsoluteOrdinal to ConvertFourCharCode() types for Intel Macs

   Add SpeechToFile() to Mac::Speech, to allow outputting speech to an AIFF file

   Remove unnecessary dependency in Alias.t

* v0.76, 21 June 2006

   Add Intel-specific docs to Mac::Carbon manpage (no Intel-specific code
   changes in this release)

   Fix some AppleEvents tests due to incompatible Test::More versions, and
   Mac OS X 10.3 differences in AEBuild/AEPrint

   Fix AppleEvents event sending test for cases where current user does not
   have permissions (by default, they will not run: set MAC_CARBON_GUI=1 in
   environment to run all tests)

   Fix Speech test for Cepstral voices

   Fix docs for Mac::Components::GetComponentInfo()

   Fix MacPerl::Ask() for case where returned string is empty, fix test too

   Other Mac::Carbon manpage cleanup

* v0.75, 19 June 2006

   Endian fixes for Intel Macs:
       * ReadHex() for parsing GUSI FSSpec
       * Lots of OSType fixes: global (in typemap), MacPerl, AppleEvents,
         Components, InternetConfig
       * Some test files that made bad assumptions

   Clean up a bunch of tests, better document what is incomplete

   Other AppleEvent fixes:
       * Clean up some docs
       * Clean up AEDesc->get, make AEKeyDesc->get an alias to same
       * Add AEKeyDesc->desc (get underlying AEDesc)
       * Add AEDesc->dispose and AEKeyDesc->dispose
       * Add thousands of new tests

   Remove a GetAliasInfo() test that no longer works, on UFS or on Intel

   Document MacPerl::Choose as unimplemented in Carbon

   Add some more Mac::Memory tests   

   Make Mac::Processes::LSFindApplicationForInfo() properly return
   undef on failure

   Add typeProperty to Mac::Types

   Add $BASEDIR for building modules outside the base directory, but using the
   same headers etc.

* v0.74, 14 May 2005

   Add OSAGetAppTerminology to Mac::OSA, which is what we should have been
   doing all along for getting terminology instead of trying to handle it
   ourselves in Mac::Glue.

* v0.73, 3 May 2005

   Change cast of errno in Carbon.h to make it build under gcc 4.  (Sherm Pendley)

   Re-fix Makefile for older ExtUtils::MakeMaker versions.

* v0.72, 9 March 2005

   Fix Makefile to work with latest ExtUtils::MakeMaker beta. (Michael Schwern)

   Add OSAGetProperty/OSASetProperty to Mac::OSA.

* v0.71, 19 February 2005

   Fix some more memory leaks, in the ported GUSI routines.  Well, technically,
   the memory leaks are still there: the return values of GUSIFSp2FullPath,
   GUSIFS2FullPath, and GUSIFSp2Encoding need to be freed, and some frontend
   functions were added to return SVs instead, freeing the values as

* v0.70, 10 May 2004

   Fix some major memory leaks in Mac::AppleEvents.  Due to a necessary change
   for Mac OS X, caller of AEDesc->data method is now responsible for disposing of
   the returned Handle object with Handle->dispose.

   Improve Mac::Notification tests.

   Clean up docs; add notes about gcc versions.

* v0.66, 23 March 2004

   Fix _Unix2Mac to be more robust, by making it more limited: it must point
   to a file (existing or not) in an existing directory.  This limitation is
   not unusual, and it is extremely rare that you would want to pass a path
   to a file in a directory that did not already exist.

* v0.65, 9 March 2004

   DirectoryCopy.c and FileCopy.c in MoreFiles have issues with G5 optimization
   flags; ignore those flags for compiling MoreFiles. (John Siracusa)

   Clean up tests, including turning GUI tests off by default (add
   MAC_CARBON_GUI=1 to `make test` to turn on) and ability to turn
   off sound (add MAC_CARBON_SOUND=0 to turn off).  Affected tests
   include MacPerl, Notification, Sound, and Speech.

* v0.64, 18 February 2004

   *Export* typeApplicationBundleID target type constant.

   Remove Mac::Path::Util dependence and add _Unix2Mac to Mac::Files instead.

* v0.63, 19 November 2003

   Add typeApplicationBundleID target type constant.

* v0.62, 31 October 2003

   Fix incorrect constant for typeApplicationURL.

* v0.61, 28 October 2003

   Adjust Mac::Speech test to work with fresh install of Panther, where
   (on my machine) the Good News voice won't load, so CountVoices()
   returns less than the test thinks it should.  Only this one test has
   been changed, no need to upgrade from 0.60.

* v0.60, 27 October 2003

   Updated a bunch of docs for Carbon compatibility

   Cleaned up docs a bit

   Reverted AESend to use AESend without an idle proc,
   instead of AESendMessage with a mach port

   Undef I_POLL for Panther compatibility (Matthew Drayton)

* v0.54, 13 August 2003

   Skip some tests that fail on UFS (Randal Schwartz)

   undef DEBUG for the sake of gcc 3.3 (perl's DEBUG conflicts with Mac's)

   Add notes about Mac OS X 10.3

* v0.53, 24 June 2003

   OSADoEvent fixed

   Fix some Files tests

   Add Mac::Path::Util 0.09 to prereqs for Mac OS X

* v0.52, 22 May 2003

   Make Mac::AppleEvents return actual value, not pretty-printed value,
   as last resort (if you want a pretty-printed value, get it yourself
   with AEPrint, but we'll assume you want to do something useful with
   the data)

   Fix some memory leaks, sizes, and return values in Mac::Resources
   stuff from 0.50

   Overload NewAliasMinimalFromFullPath for Mac OS X, first converting
   the path to an HFS path (that is all that NewAliasMinimalFromFullPath

   Add app creator type/signature to Processes/eg/Processes.plx output

* v0.51, 7 April 2003

   Fix some new tests that didn't work well under root

* v0.50, 6 April 2003

   Mac::InternetConfig added

   GUSI fixes
     - Fix bug with GUSIFSp* routines not accepting paths where files
       do not exist
     - Make GUSIFSpDown work
     - Add new "GUSIFS2FullPath" and "GUSIPath2FS" (for lack of better
       names) for dealing with FSRefs
     - Add FSRef to typemap

   Launching apps
     - Add LSFindApplicationForInfo to Mac::Processes for finding
       applications on Mac OS X (by creator, bundle ID, or name)
     - Make %Mac::MoreFiles::Application find paths to apps using
       LSFindApplicationForInfo for Mac OS X

   Open resource files from data forks
     - Add FSCreateResourceFile and FSOpenResourceFile to
       Mac::Resources for creating/opening resource files from data
       fork instead of resource fork
     - Remove resource/data fork workaround from Sound.t

   More constants
     - Add AERegistry.h type* constants to Mac::AppleEvents
     - Add file access permissions constants to Mac::Files
     - Add Finder flag constants to Mac::Files

   Add -fpascal-strings to ccflags, for compatibility with some of the
   GUSI API (tested with gcc2 and gcc3 under Mac OS X 10.2).

   Fix segfault for NULL descriptor in new AEDesc

   Add lots of tests for Mac::Files

   Fix the two-arg form of FSpGetCatInfo(FILE, INDEX)

   Add option for MacPerl::{Ask,Answer,Pick} to be text-based on Mac OS X

* v0.05, 6 March 2003

   Bad values for kCreateFolder and kDontCreateFolder (Ken Williams)

* v0.04, 6 March 2003

   Make AppleEvents with LD=c++ (required for Dec 2002 Dev Tools)

   Add a bunch of Carbon-specific constants for Mac::Files

   Modify Mac::Speech (Peter N Lewis)
     - GetVoiceDesciption and NewSpeechChannel use default voice
       if no parameter given
     - %Voice hash returns default voice if key is false (undef, '', 0)
     - Added accessor methods for VoiceDescription and VoiceSpec structures

   Add Str63 type to typemap

   Clean up distribution a little

* v0.03, 17 December 2002

   Fix AEDesc->data bug, remove debugging code (oops)

   Refactor Makefile.PLs
     - use for Makefile.PLs to share
     - now use distributed xsubpp (brian d foy) instead of system xsubpp
     - $module.c files no longer included
     - auto-generate $module.pod (and manpages) from POD in $
       and $module.xs

   Fix POD in many places

   Require 5.006 in the base Makefile.PL (just in case)

   Make build work with gcc2 on Mac OS X 10.1 and 10.2

   Make build work with UFS

* v0.02, 9 December 2002

   Addition of Mac::AppleEvents and Mac::OSA
   (Mac::AppleEvents::Simple and Mac::OSA::Simple not yet fully
   supported; needs some porting)

   Add back Pick/Answer/Ask to MacPerl (code from Gero Herrmann)

   Add GetProcessPID and GetProcessForPID to Mac::Processes

   Clean up some of the tests

* v0.01, 13 November 2002

   Initial release