Revision history for Perl module Mac::PropertyList

1.502 2021-01-19T10:17:29Z
	* freshen distro, dump Travis CI, add Github Actions

1.501 2020-09-30T04:50:46Z
	* Added create_plist_from_string()
	* Merged Tom Wyant's code to handle CF$UID types
	* A few more things emit warnings if they don't get the right type
	* $XML_{head,foot} are now subroutines

1.413 2018-03-22T18:51:07Z
	* Update to Artistic License 2.0

1.412 2017-07-30T18:27:33Z
	* Fix for plist files with comments ( RT #122466
	and GitHub #5 (as a pull request)
	* Note that this module does not handle ASCII or JSON formats (but they
	are in the wishlist now) (anonymous Yahoo! user)

1.411 2017-07-19T02:10:42Z
	* Bram Stappers fixed a regression with XML comments

1.41_01 2015-01-29T04:41:09Z
	- RT #101795: Mis-parse or hang while parsing non-pretty XML (Tom Wyant)
	- RT #101796: Wide character in print warning in t/read_binary.t (Tom Wyant)

1.41 2014-09-12
	- Fix up some metadata (GitHub #4)

1.40 2014-01-03
	- Get rid of MYMETA

1.39 2013-09-27
	- Bump to full release

1.38_02 2013-09-23
	- Fix non-portable strftime format (RT #83460)

1.38_01 2013-02-10
	- Wim Lewis improved the binary reader / writer and made better
	tests for it.

1.38 2012-10-23
	- Wim Lewis <> added WriteBinary. Great work!

1.37 2012-08-30
	- fix plist_as_perl to be the same as as_perl (and as

1.36 2012-06-16
	- Update the docs, and make the previous dev releases official

1.35 2012-03-09
	- Document the as_perl method, which undecorates that internal
	data structure

1.34 2011-07-11
	- In ReadBinary, handle the data as big-endian. This means you
	need the > pack modifier introduced in 5.10.

1.33_02 2011-07-09
	- Require 5.10 because I need the > pack modifier

1.33_01 2011-07-02
	- Ensure binary reads are for big endian
	- Various cleanups for format and whitespace

1.33 2009-11-24
	- Hey, you have to decode those XML entities as you read

1.32 2009-09-16
	- Things seen to work, so lets release it.

1.31_01 2009-05-03
	- Added initial support for reading binary property lists

1.31 2008-01-16
	- Clean up for move from CVS to SVN. No need to upgrade.

1.30 2007-01-09
	- updated copyright and license info
	- no code changes, so no need to upgrade

1.29 2006-05-17
	- Added a parse_plist_fh function so you can open the files
	any way that you like (for instance, as ":utf8").
	- Added pod_coverage.t to MANIFEST. I use it so I might as
	well distribute it.

1.28 2006-05-16
	- This change actually makes the change I claimed in the last version.
	- I added parse_plist_file to @EXPORT_OK, where it should have been.

1.26 2006-05-16
	- Added parse_plist_file to the export list. Why was it missing?
	- There are no other code changes, and you should upgrade
	if your users expect the documentation to be right. :)

1.24 2006-01-17
	- Ricardo Signes added as_basic_data() methods to turn the plist
	stuff into a Perl data structure without all the plist
	tracking. That's probably what most people want if they
	simply want to get data.

1.23 2005-06-05
	- Mike Ciul added some code to handle input differently for different
	sources (file, string, etc). It's a lot faster for very large files.
	- Most everything else is the same, so unless you need to work with
	very large files, you don't need to rush to upgrade.

1.21 2005-03-11
	- Added POD coverage tests
	- Bumped version past the 1.0 barrier
	- No code changes: no need to upgrade

0.95 2005-03-11
	- Added POD coverage tests, fixed issues
	- no code changes: no need to upgrade

0.95 2004-12-02
	- added Exporter support so you can import the functions, just
	like the examples showed.  Nothing is imported without you asking
	for it.

0.9 2004-09-02
	- fixed from with Time::HiRes tests
	- cleaned up distribution
	- No need to upgrade if you have the previous version (0.11)

0.51 2004-02-03
	- Refactored the module to get rid of goofy data structure—if you
    peeked behind-the-scenes this will bite you
	- Each type in the plist now has its own class, with methods to affect it

0.11 2004-01-31
	- No code changes.
	- Removed requirements on Test::Manifest and Test::Pod
	- Fixed warnings that show up under -w

0.10 2003-02-03
	- No code changes
	- added missing modules to PREREQ_PM
	- tweaked false_key test
	- no need to upgrade from 0.09 if you already have it installed

0.09 2003-01-31
	- fixed bug in which a dict key named "0" would kill the program