v0.55 ( Thu Dec  8 11:12:15 CET 2005)

    + new prefix option for store_attachment()
      (patch by Christian Winter <thepoet AT a-za-z0-9 DOT de>)
    + fixed a problem with skipping tests
      (spotted by Sunit M. Das <sdas AT eeinternet DOT com>

v0.54 (Tue Jul 12 09:40:20 CEST 2005)

    + wrong assumptions about quoted-printable encoded
      header-fields were made which lead to attachment 
      filenames often not decoded properly
      (Alper Sari <alper AT sabanciuniv DOT edu>)

v0.53 (Thu Mar 31 09:27:59 CEST 2005)

    + Adds tests for pod-correctness and -coverage

v0.52 (Thu Feb 10 08:21:54 CET 2005)

    + now decodes both base64 and quoted-printable data in the body

v0.51 (Tue Jan  4 17:36:26 CET 2005)

    + Mail::MboxParser::new() didn't check the return value
      of Mail::Mbox::MessageParser's constructor which could lead
      to fatal errors at runtime. When a M::M::MessageParser object
      could not be created, it now silently falls back to the old
      (Nigel Horne <njh AT bandsman DOT co DOT uk and
       David Coppit <david AT coppit DOT org>)

v0.50 (Sun Dec 12 09:38:47 CET 2004)

    + At some point in the past this module must have
      stopped working on 5.5.x perls, fixed now

v0.49 (Wed Aug 11 09:43:22 CEST 2004)

    + Dealing with uuencoded MIME parts added + 
      a slight internal clean-up
      (patch by Ed Huott <ed AT supergeek DOT com>)

v0.48 (Wed May 19 07:36:34 CEST 2004)

    + The previous patch was only a partial solution. If an
      attachment wasn't saved, most of the time it meant that
      it wasn't even recognized as such. store_attachment() and
      store_all_attachments() should now find more attachments
      (not more than there are, hopefully;-)
    + Mark Mykkanen <shamu112 AT yahoo DOT com> made me aware that
      the module wouldn't deal correctly with non-seekable filehandles.
      Fixed now
    + Localized *_ properly
    + Replaced 0 with SEEK_SET where it wasn't already used

v0.47 (Mon May  3 08:38:45 CEST 2004)

    + store_attachment/store_all_attachment have new
      parameter 'encoding' to allow filename encoding
      on platforms that require this step (Mac OS X apparently)

v0.46 (Fri Apr  2 09:51:34 CEST 2004)

    + When using the Mail::Mbox::MessageParser,
      the script would die on a file with zero length
      (patch by Lance Cleveland <lance AT proactivewm DOT com>)

v0.45 (Thu Feb  5 10:18:30 CET 2004)

    + Mail::MboxParser::Mail::get_field() wasn't properly
      dealing with multiple occurances of a field when it
      was interleaved with another field
      (patch by Martin Zuziak <zuziak AT fys DOT ku DOT dk>
    + Mail::MboxParser::get_message() and ::next_message() 
      ignored mails with no body

v0.44 (Sat Jan  3 09:40:02 CET 2004)

    + Mail::MboxParser had problems with older versions
      of FileHandle::Unget. Makefile.PL now checks
      that a useable version is installed

v0.43 (Sat Oct 18 16:23:29 CEST 2003)

    + Return values of File::Temp::tempfile() were 
      mistakenly swapped 
      (patch by Lyon Lemmens <lyon DOT lemmens AT oracle DOT com>)

v0.42 (Tue Oct 14 10:46:11 CEST 2003)

    + fixed "Call SETUP_CACHE() before calling new()..." warning
      injected by Mail::Mbox::MessageParser
    + hopefully removed function-redefinition warnings

v0.41 (Thu Sep  4 09:52:04 CEST 2003)

    + forgot to import tempfile() from File::Temp:
      this resulted in an
      "Undefined subroutine &Mail::MboxParser::tempfile
      called at..."
    + wrong SYNOPSIS: store_all_attachments() receives key/value 
      pairs as arguments

v0.40 (Tue Aug 19 09:14:08 CEST 2003)

    + next_message() and get_message() dropped last
      line of body if it did not end with a newline
      (spotted by <marco AT aktex DOT net>)

v0.39 (Tue Aug  5 08:06:50 CEST 2003)

    + now uses David Coppit's new Mail::Mbox::MessageParser module 
      which provides much faster and more robust parsing 
      (the old parser can still be used (see docs))
      !! therefore 0.39 should probably be marked as beta !!
    + removed the silly benchmark results from the PODs
      (they are no longer up-to-date)

v0.38 (Wed Jan 15 14:34:49 CET 2003)

    + fixed wrong splittal: in to(), cc(), from()
      '"name, first" <email@host.com>' would be split even though
      the comma is within double quotes
      (patched by Robert McArthur <mcarthur AT dstc DOT edu DOT au>)
    + in same methods:
      'name' is set to "First Name" if it was previously empty and
      the email address looks like "first.name@email.com"
      (suggested and patched by Robert McArthur)
    + fixed a mysterious "Uninitialized value in list assignment" 
      warning in Body.pm
    + localized a filehandle inside Mail.pm
    + fixed typo in Makefile.PL

v0.37 (Tue Nov 26 10:10:18 CET 2002)

    + fixed some inconsistencies when constructing a 
      Mail::MboxParser::Mail object manually
      (thanks to Premjit Nair <premjit AT dpa DOT co DOT ae> for tracking 
       that down)
    + some of the PODs in Mail::MboxParser::Mail were really horrible,
      a lot of minor errors along with bad formatting fixed

v0.36 (Sun Nov 24 13:24:59 CET 2002)

    + Mail::MboxParser::Mail::Body did not overload stringification
      (patched by Steven W McDougall <swmcd AT TheWorld DOT com>)

v0.35 (Thu Aug 22 08:54:01 CEST 2002)

    + 0.34 forgot to bump the version number

v0.34 (Sun Aug 11 16:25:53 CEST 2002)

    + new option to strip signature on output
      (implicitely suggested by David Bryson)
    + on unfolding of continuation header-lines,
      whitespaces disappeared
      (fix by Nathan Uno (<Nathan AT unos DOT net>)
    + added MIME::QuotedPrint to prerequisites
v0.33 (Thu Jun 20 07:26:25 CEST 2002)

    This is a bug-fix only release:
    + multiple occurances of a header-field were
      incorrectly handled: only the last occurance
      was returned, now you get an array_ref
    + localizing of file-handles
    + fixed $msg->as_string (broken in 0.32)
    + store_attachment() and store_all_attachments()
      fixed to work without the 'store_only' argument
    + list/scalar context issue fixed in get_entities(),
      that could break $msg->body under circumstances
    + fixed a wrong prototype in Body.pm to make 
      Perl 5.8.0 happy

v0.32 (Fri Mar  1 10:34:46 CET 2002)

    + fixed Mail::MboxParser::Mail::get_field() which was broken
      in between, behaviour of it also changed a little to make it
      more useful (see docs)
    + added fix for header-fields that only contained the name, eg.
    + minimal corrections in some docs
    + added two tests for get_field()

v0.31 (Thu Feb 21 09:54:11 CET 2002)

    + new option 'newline' for MboxParser-constructor,
      defaults to 'AUTO' which can distinguish between
      UNIXish and Win32-alike endings
    + fixed a problem with saving non-text attachments under Win
      (Aaron Johnson, Marco Trudel)
    + added store_only switch to store_(all_)attachment(s) to only
      save files matching a custom regex-pattern (Aaron Johnson)

v0.30 (Thu Jan 31 10:28:42 CET 2002)

    + new methods for accessing the "From "-line and "Received: "-lines
    + I did not receive any complains about the new features introduced
      in the previous beta-release and so I assume they work pretty well

v0.30_4 (Thu Dec 13 14:27:35 CET 2001)


    + There had been problems with mboxes under Win having
      UNIXish line-ending, should be fixed now (should!)
    + a speed-gain of 6% on overage when parsing a mailbox and 
      accessing header-elements

v0.30_3 (Sun Dec  9 10:41:26 CET 2001)

    + bugifx in MboxParser.pm:
      under Win each second mail was skipped (Marco Trudel)
    + removed silly debug-print in Mail.pm
    + minor fixes of the PODs in Mail.pm
      (duplicate =back directive)
v0.30_1 (Mon Dec  3 12:04:00 CET 2001)

      I added a lot of new stuff and I can't thoroughly 
      test them all. I really need feedback from the users
      now whether there are stealth-bugs in it....hmmh, bugs
      are always sort of stealth, aren't they?
      Beware that store_attachement() and store_all_attachements()
      have been renamed to their corrected spellings. The (incorrect) old
      names are still there for backward-compatibility, though.
      New things:
    + new next_message mechanism (very memory-friendly)
      plus needed helper-functions $mb->rewind, ->set_pos,
    + new get_message(n) method along with more messages 
      dealing with file-handle positioning and reporting
      (suggested by Marco Trudel <mtrudel@viviance.com>)
    + get_attachment method that maps attachments to idx-nums
      (suggested by Marco Trudel)

    + some fixes:
        - long-header lines contained wrong number of whitespaces
          when decoded, fixed
        - fix of nmsgs when mailbox has already been traversed
          (filehandle had to be rewinded)
        - 'attachement'-typos throughout the whole module,
          both in method-names as well as docs
          (long outstanding bug reported by Kenn Frankel 
          <kfrankel AT maxstr DOT com>),
          'get_entitities'-typo in Mail.pm docs fixed
        - Removed $^W++ even though it nicely revealed warnings
          raised in other modules (hehe...)

v0.24 (Wed Nov 28 14:48:05 CET 2001)
    + mailboxes with DOSish line-endings (\015\012)
      can now also be parsed (Bill Moseley)

v0.23 (Mon Nov 26 12:07:41 CET 2001)
    + bugfix in MboxParser.pm, last line of message sometimes 
      ommited (Christian Wendt)
    + decoding of qp-encoded filenames for

v0.22 (Tue Sep 20 13:23:38 CEST 2001)
    + new get_field method that returns a raw headerfield,
      so that even the "Received"-line is no longer lost
      (Kenn Frankel)

v0.21 (Sun Sep 9 10:37:46 CEST 2001)
    + decoding is now pretty complete 
      (whole header, body, quotes, signature)
    + split up the documentation to the respective modules
    + $obj->error and $obj->log is now correctly reseted on
      each method invokation

v0.20 (Sat Sep 8 10:03:23 CEST 2001)
    + Mail::MboxParser::new() can now read from virtually 
      anything (filename, filehandle, scalar/array-ref)
    + introduction of named parameters coming as key/value pairs
    + new class: Mail::MboxParser::Mail::Convertable
    + decoding of header-fields and body

v0.17 (Sat Sep  1 08:36:59 CEST 2001)
	+ new Mail::MboxParser::Mail::Body::quotes() method
	+ some corrections in the PODs

v0.16 (Tue Aug 28 11:56:17 CEST 2001)
	+ 'make test' will no longer fail if URI::Find is not installed

v0.15 (Mon Aug 27 08:30:18 CEST 2001)
    + an important change in indexing of MIME-parts:
      the message itself is now the entity with the index 0, 
      as it should be.
      CHECK your scripts if you did a lot of MIME-stuff so that
      they reflect the changes
    + new class Mail::MboxParser::Mail::Body with methods for 
      retrieving the signature and URLs from text
v0.14 (Fri Aug 24 12:23:36 CEST 2001):
    + added an AUTOLOADer for Mail::MboxParser::Mail which will 
      usually care that any methods inherited from MIME::Entity
      work (mostly) in the expected way
      nice side-effect: saves memory
    + overloading of " " for Mail::MboxParser::Mail
    + fixed some factually wrong documentation
    + finally a MANIFEST in the package

v0.13 (Sat Aug 18 11:04:54 CEST 2001):
    + new to()-equivalent cc()
    + id() now also resets $mail->error as it should do
    + extended documentation for Mail::MboxParser::Mail
    + made Mail::MboxParser-docs more eye-friendly

v0.12 (Fri Aug 17 08:35:15 CEST 2001):
    + new base-class Mail::MboxParser::Base
    + new methods $obj->error, $obj->log
    + Mail::MboxParser::Mail now extends MIME::Entity so
      $mail->effective_type and stuff should work
    + eventually using carp/croak instead of warn/die
    + removed a very unpleasant memory-leak which did not allow
      for a proper destruction of Mail::MboxParser objects,
      happened when doing something like:
      @mbs = map { Mail::MboxParser->new($_) } @mboxes;
      undef $mbs[0]; # etc...

v0.11 (Mon Aug 13 17:52:22 CEST 2001):
    + new arguments for store_attachement and store_all_attachements
      so that filenames for saving can be dynamically assigned
      (suggestion by Angeline Koh <abuu AT home DOT com>)
    + Mail::Box::SpamDetector class included but not yet properly working,
      hence not documented either

v0.10 (Sun Aug  5 12:24:56 CEST 2001):
    + new method Mail::MboxParser::Mail->to
    + additional tests for the above

v0.09 (Sat Aug  4 13:58:47 CEST 2001):
    + multi-line header-fields are now correctly reckognized
      (Kenn Frankel <kfrankel AT maxstr DOT com>)

v0.08 (Wed Aug  1 09:58:18 CEST 2001):
    + $self->{ENTITY} now destroys itself once called,
      reduces mem-usage when MIME is processed
    + new test-suits
    + updated PODs

v0.07 (Sun Jul 29 11:37:43 CEST 2001):
    + as the MIME stuff, headers are now only parsed
      on demand (40% less memory, 25% quicker under normal conditions)

v0.06 (Sat Jul 28 09:46:35 CEST 2001):
    + on-demand parsing of entities by using closures
      -> performance-gain of at least 900%
    + rewinding of mailbox-filehandle, 
      so a second call to get_messages will work

v0.05 (Fri Jul 27 20:28:04 CEST 2001):
    + rework of the pattern-matching,
      should now be minimally quicker
    + nmsgs now compliant to RFC 822
    + added little script isspam (undocumented)
    + this time the correct $VERSION !!

v0.04 (Mon Jul 23 17:52:29 CEST 2001):
    + fixed wrong parsing of header lines if line contains a colon
    + increased reliability of get_entity_body

v0.03 (Thu Jul 19 15:09:18 CEST 2001):
    + $mail->{HEADER} returning a string broke everything, fixed
    + added tests on install

v0.02 (Fri Jul  6 08:04:34 CEST 2001):
    + $mail->{HEADER} now returns a string
    + eg-directory included in the package
    + now works on Perl >= 5.004

v0.01 (Thu Jul  5 08:19:40 CEST 2001):
    + upload to CPAN