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Revision history for Mail-SpamAssassin-Plugin-OpenPGP

1.0.4    8 Mar 2008
        Properly check non-primary email addresses on a key

1.0.3    25 Jan 2008
        Option to have a header show why a signature is considered bad (sender mismatch, time mismatch, expired key, etc)
        Option have header show the key fingerprint
        Fingerprint used is only primary key, not subkey if a subkey was the signing key
        Include keyring in test data, for reliable testing

1.0.2    12 Apr 2007
        Messages no longer marked bad if the public key is not available (they are marked signed but neither good nor bad)
        Minor documentation fixes

1.0.1    6 Apr 2007
        Configuration options actually work now
        Separated .pre and .cf file
        Faster, quieter tests

1.0.0    1 Apr 2007
        First release.