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	- Formatting fixes for text output (link expansion, empty sections)
	- Unsuccessful URI shortening is no longer cached

	- Fix the ToHTML command, which was accidentally broken in 0.03's App::Cmd
	- use HTML::Element in Output::HTML, for more flexibility and correctness.
	- add several options for HTML output to ToHTML: --body_only, --compact,
	  --xml, --noxhtml
	- when loading from flatfile with --extra_fields and the field isn't set
	  clear it from the thread.

	- Fix UTF8 handling of edit --save/--load
	- nntp article overviews are now saved in the correct place (and not my
	  FIXME commented harcoded path ;-)
	- fix the -e option to the edit command, which lists extra fields
	- fix the dependency list
	- temporarily work around a Geopt::Long::Descriptive's dealing with one_of
	  and optional string

	- Documenation and stuff (kudra++)
	- out_of_date gets set if a thread is hidden and gets new messages
	- some error messages have been improved
	- edit --hidden shows hidden threads in the flatfile
	- hidden now allows arbitrary text
	- Switch to App::Cmd
	- NNTP dowloader
	- Various other improvements

	- Initial release