Revision history for Perl extension Makefile::Parser.

0.216 2014-11-18
* fixed test failures in pod.t. thanks Olof Johansson for the patch.
* fixed test failures in simplemake.t with Gnu make 3.82.
* fixed warnings while running the build/test system. thanks Alberto
  Simões for the report.

0.215 2011-08-18
* fixed RT #41595: makesimple error: Can't locate object method
  "last_element" via package "MDOM::Token::Whitespace". thanks
  raleighr3 and jean.

0.214 2011-08-18
* fixed a bug when dealing with trailing backslashes in variable
  values. this fixed RT #69319: Error parsing line continuations.
  thanks Marcelo.

0.213 2011-08-17
* applied the patch from Philip Allison and fixed a bug
  regarding clearing initial set makefile variables before
  parsing makefiles.

0.212 2011-08-17
* Updated the author name, author email address, and code repository in the documentation.
* Updated the bundled Module::Install to the latest version, 1.01.

0.211 2008-03-16
* Added pointer to Makefile::DOM to Makefile::Parser's POD.

0.210 2008-03-16
* Added support for multiple single-colon rules to Makefile::Parser.
* Added support for multiple double-colon rules to Makefile::parser.

0.209 2008-03-12
* Calling external GNU make via "make" rather than "/usr/bin/env make".

0.208 2008-03-10
* Added $VERSION to Makefile::AST and Makefile::AST::Evaluator.
* Always calling '/usr/bin/env make' in makesimple.

0.207 2008-03-10
* Added POD for Makefile::AST.
* Added POD for Makefile::AST::Evaluator.
* Added POD for pgmake-db.

0.206 2008-03-10
* Added POD for Makefile::Parser::GmakeDB.
* Added POD for the makesimple script.
* Added pointers for the GmakeDB parser to Makefile::Parser's POD.

0.205 2008-03-10
* Removed bogus debugging code from the makesimple script.
* Fixed the test suite a bit.

0.204 2008-03-08
* Added missing external dependencies to Makefile.PL

0.203 2008-03-08
* Added File::Slurp to Makefile.PL

0.202 2008-03-08
* Added missing dependencies to Makefile.PL
* updated inc/ using the latest Module::Install

0.201 2008-03-08
* Added t/lib from the mdom repos.

0.20 2008-03-07
* added Makefile::Parser::GmakeDB and Makefile::AST

0.17 2007-03-16
* added support for the builtins 'error', 'warning', and 'info'

0.16 2007-03-16
* the parser now removes comments in variable assignments
* added support for the following GNU make builtin functions:
** if
** and
** or
** shell
** foreach

* removed /r from
* added support for the shell function
* degraded the version of Test::More that Makefile::Parser requires

0.15 2007-03-14
* fixed the "too-many-args" issue
* added support for the following GNU make makefile builtin functions:
** word
** wordlist
** words
** firstword
** lastword
** dir
** notdir
** suffix
** basename
** addprefix
** join
** wildcard
** realpath
** abspath
* added _split_args method to do proper function arugment splitting
* refactored the second half of _process_refs out to _solve_refs_in_tokens
* merged the code of _check_func_args into _split_args
* _split_args now splits func arguments lazily
* updated the POD to reflect recent changes

0.14 2007-03-10
* added some more POD to plmake

0.13 2007-03-10
* minor POD fixes: C<< ... >> and SVN repos URL

0.12 2007-03-10
* added the C<prereqs> method to Makefile::Parser
* added POD accordingly (deprecated C<depends>)
* explaned the current status and plans for this module in the POD
* checked in a naive "make" command-line utility "plmake" which uses Makefile::Parser
* added basic support for commands after ';' in rules
* added a second optional argument to the C<parse> method so as to pass initial variable settings to the parser
* updated plmake to pass %ENV and variables specified on the command-line to the parser
* forced to use "/bin/sh" in run_commands
* implemented GNU make function 'subst', 'patsubst', 'strip', 'findstring', 'filter', 'filter-out' and 'sort'.
* implemented the Substitution References in GNU makefiles, for example, $(objects:.o=.c)
* fixed a bug regarding single-letter variable expansion

0.11 10/17/2005
* User-defined variable names are defined as /\w+/
* GNUMake's variable expansion sytax
  is now supported. Guretz++
* Add support for variable definition sytax
        FOO := blah blah blah
* Expand $@ in commands as expected
* Optimize the parser effectively by following Guretz Maxim's
  enlightening suggestion. Guretz++

0.10 10/16/2005
* Update the version number to 0.10
* Fix the platform-specific tests, stripped CR from test files,
  and test both against Cygwin and Win32. Slaven++

0.09 10/15/2005
* Fix a stupid bug in The order of the two suffixes is
  inverted accidentally.
* Update the POD document, implementation, and tests accordingly.

0.08 10/10/2005
* Make Makefile::Parser->parse to raise syntax errors under strict mode
* Add full support for implicit pattern rules:
    %.o : %.c
        $(CC) -c $<
  The order of the implicit rules is not significant. Whee!
* Add more tests for pattern rules, expand $< and $* as expected, and clean up
  the stderr output.
* Add support for implicit suffix rules:
        $(CC) -c $<
  Currently .SUFFIXES is a no-op. So suffix rules will be applied to any 
  suffix-like targets.
  Internally the parser converts the suffix rules to pattern
  rules, thus saving me a lot of coding.

0.07 10/5/2005
* Host this module to a SVN repository at OSSF
* Add sections "Syntax Supported" and "TODO" to POD doc

0.06 10/5/2005
* Add string-ify overloading to the Makefile::Target class
* Use tar+gzip to compress the distribution.

0.05 10/1/2005
* Add support for the syntax ^\

0.04 9/30/2005
* Fix some issues in the POD doc

0.03 9/30/2005
* Force the user to call the ->parse method after he/she constructs every Makefile::Parser object.
  That is to say, the constructor of the Makefile::Parser class won't call ->parse internally
  from now on.
* Add error checking code and corresponding tests for Parser objects which has never parsed anything.
* Add support of default target to the ->target method of the Makefile::Parser class.
* Add method ->roots to the Makefile::Parser class which returns the "root targets" for the
* Use Devel::Cover to check the code coverage.
* Use Test::Pod to check the validity of the POD docs
* Use Test::Pod::Coverage to check the integrity of POD docs

0.02 9/25/2005
* Fix a bug in the SYNOPSIS of the POD doc.
* Add many other stuff to the POD doc too.

0.01  Sat Sep 24 10:22:01 2005
* original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
        -XA -b 5.6.1 Makefile::Parser