Revision history for Perl extension Math::BigInt::Parts.

2016-12-08 v0.03

* Notify the world that this distribution is redundant.

* Add required versions of Test::More and Math::BigInt to Makefile.PL.

2010-09-16 v0.02

* Changed namespace from Math::BigInt to
  Math::BigInt::Parts. The documentation says how to use the
  Math::BigInt::Parts functions as Math::BigInt methods.

* Added URLs to documentation

* Miscellaneous code reformatting.

* Switched to UTF-8 encoding.

* Modernization: 'use vars ...' replaced by 'our ...'.

* Add testfiles for POD.

* Included signature. For testing signature, the TEST_SIGNATURE
  environment variable must be set.

* Increased version number.

2006-09-24 v0.01

* First version, released on an unsuspecting world.