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2006-02-27 v0.04 Tels - 12 tests
  * remove unusued class arguments in XS code
  * rename "class" to "myclass" in XS code to avoid clashes

2005-11-06 v0.03 Tels - 12 tests
  * update distribution with META.yml, pod tests
  * add X<> keywords to POD
  * fix POD errors (Thanx to the CPANTS project!)

2003-01-18 v0.02 Tels - 12 tests
  * Changed: point() now only gets $x and $y, please change your code!
  * added: set_limit(), set_epsilon(), set_bounds(), set_max_iter()
    (a set epsilon is currently ignored)
  * added: hor_line(), ver_line()
  * fixed INSTALL

2003-01-14 v0.01 Tels - 4 tests
  * First version (basically working)

Please send me test-reports, your experiences with this and your ideas - I love
to hear about my work!

Tels <>