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Revision history for Perl module Math::Pandigital

0.04 2013-01-16
  - Migrated object system from Any::Moose to Moo with MooX::Types::MooseLike
  - Corrected a mistake in the POD (unary pandigitals use '1' as the marker).
  - Added tests for META.* files.

0.03 2012-11-28
  - Fixed a typo in the POD's SYNOPSIS code.

0.02 2012-11-27
  - The zero attribute is now zeroless, and the Boolean sense has been reversed.
  - Better handling of unary base: 1 is now the permissible digit, not 0.
  - Explicitly croak if base is set to 1, and zeroless is not set.
    (Makes no sense to allow '0': the only digit in unary is '1').
  - Test coverage is now 100%.
  - POD fixes.
  - Minor optimizations and code simplifications resulting from profiling
    for the general case.

0.01 2012-11-26
  - Initial release to CPAN.