1.004     2011-02-17 21:52:18 America/Toronto

          Correct dependencies to indicate Math::Random::ISAAC::XS
          is a runtime dependency (thanks rjbs)

1.003     2011-01-15 08:47:25 America/Toronto

          Update MANIFEST.SKIP according to new defaults provided by
          ExtUtils::Manifest (Closes RT#64536)

          Move package to Dist::Zilla format

1.002     2009-12-03

          Changed my mail address to jawnsy@cpan.org

          Updated test sequence

          Remove modules available in core since Perl 5.6 from requires

          Fix POD

          Add information about potentially-discovered attacks

1.001     2009-08-17

          Remove generated files from the repository

          Use a simple string version, per David Golden's article:

          No longer use Perl::Critic to test

1.0.5     2009-07-25

          No longer test Perl::Critic during AUTOMATED_TESTING, only
          RELEASE_TESTING. Thanks to Elliot Shank for the discussion in a
          private mail.

          Changed critic.rc to ignore PodSpelling policy (fixes a bug in
          Debian, BTS#538115 -- when Pod::Spell and other dependencies are


          No more versioned dependency on version.pm

          Overhaul test scripts, remove author tests from Recommends
          (Alias' journal #5375)

          Update LICENSE and README to a smaller format. Clarify POD. No
          longer generates a readme using pod2text

          All the copyrights now reference the main file, to reduce the
          number of things that need to be updated in case the years are

          Require Internet (TEST_INTERNET) to do the signature test, since
          it tries to download the key from a keyserver

          Make it clearer in POD that there is no default seeding mechanism

          No longer enforce "one dot only" in filenames. This breaks
          compatibility with OpenVMS.

          New simplified license - Public Domain (fallback on MIT,
          Artistic-2+, GPL-2+ only)

1.0.4     2009-04-26

          Added some more tests for fallback functionality; I believe
          having 'use' for ISAAC meant that it would be put in a BEGIN{}
          block, which means selection happens before Test::Without::Module
          is even loaded

          Added a test to ensure the module was compiled/loaded, then
          check if $Math::Random::ISAAC::DRIVER is defined first

          Added Build.bat to MANIFEST.SKIP for Win32 builds...

1.0.3     2009-04-23

          Added example scripts

          Move calls to $self->{randa} outside the for loop to increase

1.0.1     2009-04-06

          Fixed the PurePerl algorithm to mask out high bits for 64-bit
          systems, so as to be portable

1.0       2009-03-25

          Initial release