Revision history for Perl extension Math::Random.

0.61  Wed May 19 07:55:53 1999
	- Added a space to the translation table in phrtsd.
	- Cosmetic changes to bring this module into line with other
	  Perl modules: added, Changes, MANIFEST, README;
	  corrected some spelling, used "make dist", and so on.
	- Geoffrey Rommel

0.62  Wed Aug 22 09:30:14 2001
	- In com.c and randlib.c, changed the Fortran-style labels
	  and goto's in certain functions to proper {} blocks.  (For
	  this I consulted the original L'Ecuyer/Cote paper.)
	- Changed all floats to doubles.
	- Increased the precision of many literals in accordance with
	  the original papers (e.g. 1/M1 in ranf, log 4 in genbet,
	  and so on).
	- Corrected one test in

0.63  Wed Sep  5 09:31:04 2001
        - Modified Makefile.PL to see whether Perl is using sv_yes
	  or PL_sv_yes and adjust things automatically.

0.64  Thu Dec  6 13:26:03 2001
	- Rebuilt using h2xs 1.18 and a vanilla .xs file rather than
	  a SWIG wrapper file.  This is more Perlish and will get
	  around a reported problem with 'na' and 'sv_yes' in the
	  wrapper.c file.

0.65  Wed May  1 08:55:30 2002
	- Add helper.h so that XS recognizes the return value of
	  gvprfw().  Thanks to Stephan Heuel for noticing and
	  correcting this problem.

0.66  Fri Jun  7 12:17:36 2002
	- The test for random_multivariate_normal displayed an odd
	  error message on some systems but not others.  This has
	  been corrected.  The problem was noted by the CPAN-testers,
	  Maynard Brandsma, and Nat Goodman.

0.67  Fri Mar 14 13:57:16 2003
	- Corrected an interface error in getsd and phrtsd.  Noted by
	  Eric Moore.

0.68  Fri Jun 30 12:17:01 2006
	- Added a new version of phrtsd and the phrtsd_orig option.

0.69  Tue Sep 12 08:55:10 2006
	- Changed pow to exp at randlib.c[1040] to get around a bug
	  with gcc under AIX. (Would it also be possible to avoid
	  this by using -lmsaa rather than -lm?)

0.70  Fri Oct 12 16:30:18 2007
	- Minor corrections to POD.

0.71  Tue Sep 16 15:38:06 2008
	- Used $ARGV[0] rather than shift in Makefile.PL.  Thanks to John
	  Fong for the correction.

0.72  Sat Aug 29 21:51:19 2015
	- The random seed was based on time of day and was a bit too
	  predictable. Applying patch provided by Jonathan Yu: