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2005-04-27  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* Added support for GetByteString
	* Added rudimentary support for display packets 

2005-04-17  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* Removed bang line from and call it via $^X

	The last test did fail on every system were /usr/local/bin/perl
	was not a Perl binary compatible with the $^X perl.

	* New code to locate libML.a and mathlink.h

	The code to spot the files is even more ugly but works with at
	least one 5.0 Installation.
2000-12-19  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* ematica.xs, do not call LinkClose during global

2000-12-10  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* Solaris nroff seems to hav eproblems with the output
	generated for '=item C<something>'.

	* Makefile.PL: Added MAN3PODS to WriteMakefile call.  Newer
	versions of Perl would not generate manual pages without that.

	* Added ppport.h for compatibility with newer Perls.  Verified
	that the module works with Mathematica 4.0 for Solaris.

Sun Dec 21 12:40:58 1997  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* ematica.xs: Added GetFunction

Revision history for Perl extension Math::ematica.

1.00  Sat Dec 20 14:35:09 1997
        - original version; created by h2xs 1.18