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Revision history for Perl extension Maypole::Plugin::Authorization.

0.01  2004-xx-xx	Original unreleased version.

0.02  2005-01-12	First release to Maypole mailing list.

0.03  2005-01-28	Released new version to Maypole list with
			get_authorized_* modified to make them work and
			accept arguments, and improved docs

0.04  2005-01-28	Improved error checking at start of
			get_authorized_classes and get_authorized_methods
			(thanks to Josef Chladek). Released as patches on
			Maypole mailing list.

0.05  2005-02-07	Improved error handling in authorize. Completed
			test cases. First release to CPAN.

0.06  2005-08-20	Improved docs suggested by Kieren Diment.

0.07  2005-08-20	Added config options from Peter Speltz.

0.08  2005-08-22	Added user_class default from Kieren Diment

0.09  2005-08-22	Default {} if no config->auth

0.10  2005-08-24	Allow entity other than model_class as requested
			by Kieren Diment & Peter Speltz