Release history for Memoize

1.15  Sun 23 Oct 2022
  * Cleaner initialization logic in memoize(), with some added tests
  * No more double wrapping of memoized functions, at the cost of loading Scalar::Util
  * No more double stack frame and double return on threaded perls
  * No more loading, though Scalar::Util is required instead
  * No more hash lookups in the wrapper
  * Slightly less internal memory use
  * Old history restored into Changes

1.14  Sun 16 Oct 2022
  * No recursion depth warning from the Memoize wrapper function.
    This was a backcompat breakage in 1.09

1.13  Tue 30 Aug 2022
  * No functional changes
  * Further test fixes

1.12  Mon 29 Aug 2022
  * No functional changes
  * Test fixes

1.11  Sun 28 Aug 2022
  * Large test suite refactor
  * Additional tests
  * Updated packaging and package metadata

1.10  Thu 11 Aug 2022
  * No warning when NORMALIZER returns undef (RT #143921).
    This was a backcompat breakage in 1.09

1.09  Mon 01 Aug 2022
  * Skip for thread safety tests on Perl 5.10.0
  * Drastically improved Memoized::NDBM_File EXISTS shim
  * Minimum Perl version set at 5.6
  * Removal of Memoize::ExpireTest and Memoize::ExpireFile

1.08  Thu 28 Jul 2022
  * Skip for thread safety tests on unthreaded perls

1.07  Thu 28 Jul 2022
  * Thread safety (RT #21707)
  * Support for reference values in Memoize::Expire (RT #38344)
  * Support for iterating tied Memoize::Expire hashes (RT #124507)
  * Advisory locking in Memoize::Storable (RT #133859)

1.06  Wed 27 Jul 2022
  * Deprecation of Memoize::SDBM_File
  * Test fixes

1.05  Sun 24 Jul 2022
  * Actual implementation of the HASH option of Memoize::Expire (RT #18171, Eric Brine)
  * Vim modeline in (RT #38785, Moritz Lenz)
  * Fix for minor memory leak in unmemoize() (RT #52819, Joshua I. Miller)
  * Actual implementation of the 'nstore' option of Memoize::Storable (RT #77790, Jonathan Nieder)
  * Fix for broken LIST_CACHE => MERGE option in memoize() (RT #91927, Slaven Rezic)

1.04  Fri 22 Jul 2022
  * No removal of . from @INC during TIE module load.
    The module load is not optional, so the . removal was mistaken
  * Properly overridable $Memoize::Expire::DEBUG (RT #133860, Slaven Rezic).
    Previously it would get reset the module was loaded
  * Correct INSTALLDIRS for installation on pre-5.12 perls (RT #63935)
  * Documentation fixes (David Steinbrunner, Dominic Hargreaves, Slaven Rezic, Glenn Fowler)

1.03_01  Tue Jul 26 2016
  * Removal of . from @INC during TIE module load (Tony Cook)
  * Timing-sensitive test fixes (RT #108382, David Mitchell)
  * GDBM test fixes (RT #139736, Sergey Poznyakoff)

1.03  Sun 22 Apr 2012
  * Clarified MERGE cache options and fixed bug
  * Documentation fixes

1.02  Mon 29 Nov 2010
  * Synchronise with changes in bleadperl up to version 1.01_03.
  * Memoize::Saves, an experimental example module previously included in this
    distribution, has been removed and put into its own distribution on CPAN.

1.01  Fri 12 Jul 2002
  * Support for pre-5.6 perls (use of warnings pragma from 1.00 reverted)
  * Better temporary file cleanup in t/errors.t
  * Memoize::Expire test fixes

1.00  Fri 29 Mar 2002
  * Minor documentation and test changes only.

0.66  Wed 12 Sep 2001
  * Test changes only.
  * 0.62 was the fist version that would be distributed with Perl.
    I got so absorbed in integrating it that I wrote some tests
    that used Time::HiRes. I knew this was safe because Time::HiRes
    is also distributed with the same versions of Perl. I totally
    forgot that some people will get the module off of CPAN without
    Perl and they may not have Time::HiRes.

0.65  Sun 24 Jun 2001
  *                           N O T I C E !
    **                                                            **
    **   The TIE option is now strongly deprecated. It will be    **
    **   permanently removed in the NEXT release of Memoize.      **
    **   Please convert all extant software to use HASH instead.  **
    **                                                            **
    **   See the manual for details.                              **
    **                                                            **

    I'm sorry about this. I hate making incompatible changes. But as of
    v0.65, Memoize is included in the Perl core. It is about to become
    much more difficult to make incompatible interface changes; if I don't
    get rid of TIE now, I may not get another chance.

    TIE presented serious problems. First, it had a bizarre syntax. But
    the big problem was that it was difficult and complicated for
    expiration manager authors to support; evern expiration manager had to
    duplicate the logic for handling TIE. HASH is much simpler to use,
    more powerful, and is trivial for expiration managers to support.

  * Many long-awaited cleanups and bug fixes.
  * Memoize now works under threaded perl
  * Slow tests speeded up. More test file improvements.
  * Long-standing LIST_CACHE bug cleared up---it turns out that there
    never was a bug. I put in tests for it anyway.
  * Manual increased.

0.62  Tue 24 Oct 2000
  * No functional changes
  * No more Memoize version check in ExpireFile test

0.61  Tue 24 Oct 2000
  * Tests for flush_cache()

0.60  Mon 23 Oct 2000
  * New Memoize::ExpireFile cache policy module
  * flush_cache()
  * [Various internal changes? --Ed.]

0.52  Mon 20 Sep 1999
  * New Memoize::Saves cache policy module which allows specifying that
    certain function values whould always be looked up afresh

0.51  Sat 18 Sep 1999
  * Just a maintenance release. I made the tests a little more robust, and
    I included the Memoization article that I forgot to put into 0.48.

0.49  Fri 17 Sep 1999
  * You can now expire data from the memoization cache according to any
    expiration policy you desire. A sample policy is provided in the
    Memoize::Expire module. It supports expiration of items that have been
    in the cache a certain number of seconds and items that have been
    accessed a certain number of times. When you call a memoized function,
    and Memoize discovers that a cache item has expired, it calls the real
    function and stores the result in the cache, just as if the data had
    not been in the cache in the first place.

    Many people asked for a cache expiration feature, and some people even
    sent patches. Thanks for the patches! But I did not accept them,
    because they all added the expiration stuff into the module, and I was
    sure that this was a bad way to do it. Everyone had a different idea
    of what useful expiration behavior was, so I foresaw an endless series
    of creeeping features and an expiration mechansim that got more and
    more and more complicated and slower and slower and slower.

    The new expiration policy mechanism makes use of the TIE feature. You
    write a cache policy module ( which might be very simple) and use the
    TIE feature to insert it between memoize and the real cache. The
    Memoize::Expire module. included in this package, is a useful example
    of this that might satisfy many people. The documentation for that
    module includes an even simpler module for those who would like to
    implement their own expiration policies.

    Big win: If you don't use the expiration feature, you don't pay for
    it. Memoize 0.49 with expiration turned off runs *exactly* as fast as
    Memoize 0.48 did. Not one line of code has been changed.

    Moral of the story: Sometimes, there is a Right Way to Do Things that
    really is better than the obvious way. It might not be obvious at
    first, and sometimes you have to make people wait for features so that
    the Right Way to Do Things can make itself known.

    Many thanks to Mike Cariaso for helping me figure out The Right Way to
    Do Things.

    Also: If you try to use ODBM_File, NDBM_File, SDBM_File, GDBM_File, or
    DB_File for the LIST_CACHE, you get an error right away, because those
    kinds of files will only store strings. Thanks to Jonathan Roy for
    suggesting this. If you want to store list values in a persistent
    cache, try Memoize::Storable.

0.48  Fri 15 Jan 1999
  * Support for prototypes on memoized subs
  * Attempt at a fix of wrapper bug under threaded perls

0.47  Tue 15 Sep 1998
  * Caching of function return values into NDBM files is now supported.
    You can cache function return values into Memoize::AnyDBM files, which
    is a pseudo-module that selects the "best" available DBM
  * Bug fix: Prototyped functions are now memoized correctly; memoizing
    used to remove the prototype and issue a warning. Also new tests for
    this feature. (Thanks Alex Dudkevich)
  * New test suites for SDBM and NDBM caching and prototyped functions.
  * Various small fixes in the test suite.
  * Various documentation enhancements and fixes.

0.46  Tue 08 Sep 1998
  * Now has an interface to Storable. This wasn't formerly possible,
    because the base package can only store caches via modules that
    present a tied hash interface, and Storable doesn't. Solution:
    Memoize::Storable is a tied hash interface to Storable.

0.45  Sat 05 Sep 1998
  * Storage of cached function return values in a static file is now
    tentatively supported. memoize() now accepts new options SCALAR_CACHE
    and LIST_CACHE to specify the destination and protocol for saving
    cached values to disk.
    Consider these features alpha, and please report bugs.
  * The beta version is awaiting a more complete test suite.
  * Much new documentation to support all this.

0.06  Mon 23 Feb 1998
  * Calling syntax is now
      memoize(function, OPTION1 => VALUE1, ...)
    instead of
      memoize(function, { OPTION1 => VALUE1, ... })
  * Functions that return lists can now be memoized.
  * New tests for list-returning functions and their normalizers.
  * Various documentation changes.
  * Return value from unmemoize() is now the resulting unmemoized
    function, instead of the constant 1. It was already docmuented
    to do so.

0.05  Thu 19 Feb 1998
  * No changes

0.04  Thu 19 Feb 1998
  * INSTALL option to control name under which memoized sub is installed
  * unmemoize function
  * More documentation

0.03  Thu 05 Feb 1998
  * No sub redefinition warning when memoizing a named sub
  * No undefined warning when normalizer returns undef
  * A basic test suite

0.02  Wed 04 Feb 1998
  * Initial release