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How to contribute

Thank you for considering contributing to this distribution. I welcome any contribution to Module::Generic, including, but not limited to bug reports, feature requests, general comments, and patches.

Feel free to clone it from its gitlab repository at and issue a pull request.

I am very flexible to collaboration and always eager to learn from others.

All contributions are assumed to be provided under the terms of perl5 license.


File an issue on bug tracker if you think you've found a bug. Please describe

  1. How can it be reproduced

  2. What was expected

  3. What actually occurred

  4. What version of the involved component

Coding Style

I personally stick to the Allman coding style. If you want to provide a patch to an existing piece of code, for clarity and consistency, it is best to stick to the existing coding style, whatever that may be. However, if you want to contribute a new module, you should feel free to use your coding style with comments to ensure readability and clarity.

Otherwise, I think it is reasonable to heed to perl style recommendations.


The versioning style used is dotted decimal, such as v0.1.1

Please see version for more information.

How to contact the author

You can reach me via e-mail, or via Telegram, or LinkedIn

Issue Tracking

Issues are currently reported using CPAN bug tracker

More information

Please refer to the README


Jacques Deguest