0.09     2014-08-24

- Backed out the Sub::Name change in 0.08. It was pointed out to me by Graham
  Knop that adding an XS dependency for a module that's often used to pick
  between XS and non-XS implementations doesn't work so well.

0.08     2014-08-24

- Subroutines copied from an implementation package into the loading package
  are now renamed using Sub::Name. This causes them to be considered part of
  the loading package, which is important for things like
  namespace::autoclean. Reported by Karen Etheridge. RT #98097.

0.07     2013-07-14

- Require Test::Fatal 0.006+ to avoid test failures. Reported by Salve
  Nilsen. RT #76809.

0.06     2012-02-12

- Require Module::Runtime 0.012, which has a number of useful bug fixes.

0.05     2012-02-09

- Make Test::Taint an optional dependency. This module requires XS, and
  requiring a compiler for Module::Implementation defeats its
  purpose. Reported by Peter Rabbitson. RT #74817.

0.04     2012-02-08

- This module no longer installs an _implementation() subroutine in
  callers. Instead, you can call
  Module::Implementation::implementation_for($package) to get the
  implementation used for a given package.

0.03     2012-02-06

- The generated loader sub now returns the name of the package it loaded.

0.02     2012-02-06

- Removed Test::Spelling from this module's prereqs.

0.01     2012-02-06

- First release upon an unsuspecting world.