Version 0.0306:
- Set minimum perl version to fix CPAN testers failure

Version 0.0305:
- Use include_deps to help Module::Install find dependencies like URI::Escape
  and include them in the distros.
- Remove unnecessary files in inc/ in an attempt to fix CPAN testers errors.

Version 0.0304:
- Updating META.yml
- Remove ShipIt dependencies. They don't seem to be necessary, and aren't
  installing properly on my system.

Version 0.0303:
- Trying once again to fix the compile test on windows

Version 0.0302:
- Fix compatibility issue with newer versions of perl, which remove "." from

Version 0.0301: Sat May 2 2015
- Prevent CPAN from indexing private-lib
- Add Test::Module::Builder dependency in an attempt to fix local module
  incompatibilities with inc/Test/

Version 0.0300: Sun Apr 26 2015
- Clarified the documentation that the URLs are CPAN bug tracker URLs. Thanks to
  Florent Angly <> for the bug report.
- Dynamically specify that configure_reauires 'URI::Escape', so that users of
  this module don't have to.
- Enable verbose CPAN testers testing
- Fix odd elements warning in 08_synopsis.t
- Fix 03_podspell.t for author names
- Move to X.YYZZ versioning. ZZ for bugs, YY for features, X for major or
  API-breaking changes
- Start github repo based on 0.02. Marcel says that he lost the original repo
  years ago.

0.02 Sun 2010.02.07 16:35:54 CET (Marcel Gruenauer <>)
     - fixed bugtracker URL
     - now uses uri_escape() for distribution name in URL

0.01 Mon Sep  7 17:43:43 MSZ 2009 (Marcel Gruenauer <>)
     - original version