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    If you're reading this document, that means you might be thinking about
    helping me out with this project. Thanks!

    Here's some ways you could help out:

    *   Bug reports

        Found a bug? Great! (Well, not so great I suppose.)

        The place to report them is <>. Don't e-mail me
        about it, as your e-mail is more than likely to get lost amongst the

        An example script clearly demonstrating the bug (preferably written
        using Test::More) would be greatly appreciated.

    *   Patches

        If you've found a bug and written a fix for it, even better!

        Generally speaking you should check out the latest copy of the code
        from the source repository rather than using the CPAN distribution.
        The file META.yml should contain a link to the source repository. If
        not, then try <> or submit a bug
        report. (As far as I'm concerned the lack of a link is a bug.) Many
        of my distributions are also mirrored at

        To submit the patch, do a pull request on Bitbucket or Github, or
        attach a diff file to a bug report. Unless otherwise stated, I'll
        assume that your contributions are licensed under the same terms as
        the rest of the project.

    *   Documentation

        If there's anything unclear in the documentation, please submit this
        as a bug report or patch as above.

        Non-toy example scripts that I can bundle would also be appreciated.

    *   Translation

        Translations of documentation would be welcome.

        For translations of error messages and other strings embedded in the
        code, check with me first. Sometimes the English strings may not in
        a stable state, so it would be a waste of time translating them.

  Coding Style
    I tend to write using something approximating the Allman style, using
    tabs for indentation and Unix-style line breaks.

    *   <>

    *   <>

    I nominally encode all source files as UTF-8, though in practice most of
    them use a 7-bit-safe ASCII-compatible subset of UTF-8.

    Toby Inkster <>.

    Copyright (c) 2012-2013 by Toby Inkster.

    CONTRIBUTING.pod is licensed under the Creative Commons
    Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License. To view a copy
    of this license, visit