Module::Mask changes document

0.06 - Tue Jan  8 2013
    - Fix tests to not rely on trailing full stop in Carp message

0.05 - Fri Dec 14 2012
    - Stop trying to match perl's native error message, it's about to change
      in a way which won't be trivial to continue to support with backwards

      Users who need the error message to match can override the message()
      method to match their perl.

0.04 - Sat Mar 03 2012
    - Cope with Carp sometimes adding a full-stop to error messages.

0.03 - Mon Jul 16 2007
    - Added import() method to allow easier command-line masking

0.02 - Fri Apr 28 2006
    - Added module documentation

    - Added message() method to allow overriding the message used when a module
      is masked.

    - Fixed the generated error message to be identical to perl's

    - Added Changes and README

0.01	initial version