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meta-from-extracted - get meta information from a perl module


meta-from-extracted <perl-module-directory> <meta-info-directory>


The program creates or updates the meta-info-directory from the contents of the perl-module-directory. The perl-module-directory should contain perl module distribution files (.tar.gz)

The meta information is placed into a series of directories in the meta-info-directory with the same name as the module distribution file.

This meta information can then be used during perl module packaging.


   cp PerlModule.tar.gz PerlModule2.tar.gz /build/modules/
   mkdir /build/meta /build/modules /build/meta
   cpanflute --meta-info=/build/meta /build/modules/PerlModule2.tar.gz

If you have a version of cpanflute which understands how to read the meta information.


The meta information is currently stored in various separate files in a directory. There have been various other proposals for a format for storing meta info for perl. These include using a single hash in a file and using XML. I like the directory system because a) it is simple and b) it is simple and c) it can be changed later anyway. c) means that this interface may be changed. If you start to write software that relies on having a consistent interface then please tell me first.

Once the meta information has been gathered it can be used in module creation with a piece of software which understands the format of the directory.


Michael De La Rue. +48 601 270 between 08 and 20 GMT. N.B. this number is expensive from everywhere in the world.

Email me as Response within approx 6 months. Not guarateed.

meta-from-perl-mods a program for extracting meta information from perl modules is released under the GNU General Public license, version 2 or (at your option) later. A copy of the GNU General Public License should have been included in your distribution.


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