Author image Michael De La Rue


pm-metainfo - dump meta info from a perl module


  pm-metainfo perl-module-distfile.tar.gz


This is a demonstrator program which simply dumps a description of all it can work out about a perl module to stdout. It could be used for more interesting things, but normally a different program which interfaces would be written instead.

The output of this program can also be read from and parsed directly for use in shell scripts.



This option tells pm-metainfo to use filename as the file where the uncompressed machine readable version of the modules list is stored (normally distributed as When this is activated extra meta information will be provided where available.


this option turns on debugging information


This program is copyright to Michael De La Rue and is distributed under the General Public License. If you would like to use parts of this program in developing perl then please contact the author who will almost certainly be willing to relicense those parts under the same terms as perl its self.


You may distribute under the terms of either the GNU General Public License version 2 or later.