[Changes for 0.88 - Sat Dec 18 11:34:44 CST 2021]

* Update PAUSE keys to 2022. (@skaji)

[Changes for 0.87 - Sat Jul  4 15:04:41 CST 2020]

* Skip 3-verify.t on Crypt::OpenPGP installations. (@pyramation)

[Changes for 0.86 - Thu Jun 25 21:06:24 CST 2020]

* Update PAUSE and ANDK keys to 2020. (@dweekly)

* Update documentation pertaining to SHA1. (@dweekly)

* Fix compatibility with Crypt::OpenPGP. (@niklasholm)

[Changes for 0.83 - Wed Aug 29 17:33:12 JST 2018]

* Update META.yml.

[Changes for 0.82 - Sun Aug 26 23:00:04 CST 2018]

* Fix CRLF handling on Win32. (@niklasholm)

* Default to SHA256 on new hashes as SHA1 is deprecated. (@niklasholm)

[Changes for 0.79 - Mon May 18 23:02:11 CST 2015]

* Restore "cpansign --skip" functionality.

  Contributed by: CLOOS

[Changes for 0.78 - Thu Apr  9 16:58:27 CST 2015]

* Fix verify() use from cpanm and CPAN.pm.

  Contributed by: ANDK

[Changes for 0.77 - Wed Apr  8 19:36:50 CST 2015]

* Include the latest public keys of PAUSE, ANDK and AUDREYT.

* Clarify scripts/cpansign copyright to CC0.

  Reported by: @pghmcfc

[Changes for 0.76 - Wed Apr  8 18:05:48 CST 2015]

* Fix signature tests by defaulting to verify(skip=>1)
  when $ENV{TEST_SIGNATURE} is true.

  Reported by: @pghmcfc

[Changes for 0.75 - Tue Apr  7 04:56:09 CST 2015]

Two more issues reported by John Lightsey:

* Update ChangeLog.

* More protection of @INC from relative paths.

Fix various issues reported by John Lightsey:

[Changes for 0.74 - Tue Apr  7 02:39:14 CST 2015]

Fix various issues reported by John Lightsey:

* Fix GPG signature parsing logic.

* MANIFEST.SKIP is no longer consulted unless --skip is given.

* Properly use open() modes to avoid injection attacks.

[Changes for 0.73 - Wed Jun  5 23:44:57 CST 2013]

* Properly redo the previous fix using File::Spec->file_name_is_absolute.

[Changes for 0.72 - Wed Jun  5 23:19:02 CST 2013]

* Only allow loading Digest::* from absolute paths in @INC,
  by ensuring they begin with \ or / characters.

  Contributed by: Florian Weimer (CVE-2013-2145)

[Changes for 0.71 - Tue Jun  4 18:24:10 CST 2013]

* Constrain the user-specified digest name to /^\w+\d+$/.

* Avoid loading Digest::* from relative paths in @INC.

  Contributed by: Florian Weimer (CVE-2013-2145)

[Changes for 0.70 - Thu Nov 29 01:45:54 CST 2012]

* Don't check gpg version if gpg does not exist.

  This avoids unnecessary warnings during installation
  when gpg executable is not installed.

  Contributed by: Kenichi Ishigaki

[Changes for 0.69 - Fri Nov  2 23:04:19 CST 2012]

* Support for gpg under these alternate names:

    gpg gpg2 gnupg gnupg2

  Contributed by: Michael Schwern

[Changes for 0.68 - Fri, 13 May 2011 11:51:50 +0200]

* Fix breakage introduced by 0.67 (Andreas König).

[Changes for 0.67 - Sun, 17 Apr 2011 16:29:23 +0200]

* Better handling of \r (Andreas König, Zefram) (Closes RT#46339).

[Changes for 0.66 - Fri,  6 Sep 2010 22:51:37 +0200]

* Fix incompatibility with EU::Manifest 1.54 to 1.57
  (Paul Howarth) (Closes RT#61124).

[Changes for 0.65 - Fri,  3 Sep 2010 21:38:02 +0200]

* Skip MYMETA (Alexandr Ciornii)

[Changes for 0.64 - Sun,  9 May 2010 00:50:11 +0200]

* Avoid creating gnupg configuration files for the user invoking Makefile.PL
  (Closes RT#41978).
* Correctly detect the version of gnupg on cygwin and add tests for it
  (Paul Fenwick) (Closes RT#39258).

[Changes for 0.63 - Sun, 28 Mar 2010 04:46:27 +0100]

* Fix diagnostic message from Makefile.PL when the user dosn't have gnupg or
  Crypt::OpenPGP (miyagawa).

[Changes for 0.62 - Tue, 23 Mar 2010 22:17:39 +0100]

* Change the default keyserver from the outdated pgp.mit.edu to

[Changes for 0.61 - 2009年11月19日 周四 00時56分41秒 CST]

* Added "=encoding utf8" to POD to fix author name display.
  No functional changes.

[Changes for 0.60 - 2009年11月16日 周一 22時48分54秒 CST]

* LICENSING CHANGE: This compilation and all individual files in it
  are now under the nullary CC0 1.0 Universal terms:

  To the extent possible under law, 唐鳳 has waived all copyright and
  related or neighboring rights to Module-Signature.

* Updated Module::Install to 0.91, prompted by Florian Ragwitz.

[Changes for 0.55 - 2006-07-29]

* ANDK submitted a patch to fix versioning problem when
  the user elects to install Crypt::OpenPGP.

* Major refactoring of the Makefile.PL to ease the installation process.

[Changes for 0.54 - 2006-05-12]

* Fixed a long-standing bug where differing end-of-line conventions
  could cause bogus comparisons in signature checks.

* Fixed another long-standing bug where CRLF text files were hashed
  into different digests under Unix and Dosish platforms.  Now it's
  consistently hashed as if it's been normalized to LF.

* Optional dependencies are no longer installed-by-default.

[Changes for 0.53 - 2006-01-31]

* The explicit call to "readline(D)" didn't compile on earlier perls which
  demanded either "readline(*D)" or "<D>" -- I elected the latter form.
  Reported by: Matthew Persic

* Update my author key to reflect revoked past uids.

[Changes for 0.52 - 2006-01-19]

* POD and source code cleanup; no functional changes.

* Updated my author key to reflect my new name and identity.

* Upgrade to the latest Module::Install to fix Cygwin
  installation problems.
  Reported by: Lyle Ziegelmiller

[Changes for 0.51 - 2006-01-02]

* Even more flexible CRLF handling for SIGNATURE files,
  Contributed by: Andreas Koenig.

[Changes for 0.50 - 2005-08-21]

* Add support for to SHA-256, requested by Mark Shelor in light
  of the recent SHA1 attacks.  SHA1 is still the default, but
  you can now override this by settings MODULE_SIGNATURE_CIPHER
  environment variable to SHA256.

[Changes for 0.45 - 2005-08-09]

* Andreas Koenig ported out that "Import GPG keys?" was asked
  far too many times during autoinstall.

[Changes for 0.44 - 2004-12-16]

* Add "pmfiles.dat" to legacy manifest_skip routine to accomodate
  early Win32 hacks.  Reported by Steve Hay via Michael Schwern.

[Changes for 0.43 - 2004-12-16]

* Updated t/0-signature.t to be more friendly with Test::More;
  contributed by Michael Schwern.

* Add $Timeout (default 3 seconds) to control the timeout for
  probing connections to the key server.

* Take account of the .ts files produced by newer MakeMakers
  in the suggested MANIFEST.SKIP list.

[Changes for 0.42 - 2004-11-20]

* Move under SVK version control management; ditch keyword tags.

* Michael Schwern pointed out that during development, the
  "signature.t" file would keep failing. 

* Documented how to generate SIGNATURE files as part of "make dist",
  for Module::Install, ExtUtils::MakeMaker and Module::Build users .

[Changes for 0.41 - 2004-07-04]

* Mark Shelor points out that support for Digest::SHA was broken.

[Changes for 0.40 - 2004-07-01]

* Dave Rolsky points out that GPG version detection always
  returns '1'. (bug #6810)

[Changes for 0.39 - 2004-06-17]

* Supports Digest::SHA (now preferred) and Digest::SHA1::PurePerl,
  in addition to the original Digest::SHA1 backend.

* We now asks before importing the default keys,
  also suggested by Tels.

* Unknown cipher is made fatal, thanks to suggestion by Tels.

* Apply Dave Rolsky's patch to verify that author's pubkey
  is available on a keyserver. may need more work.

[Changes for 0.38 - 2004-01-01]

* Update to the newest Module::Install.

* Not using inc/SCRIPT/ anymore.

* Add "#defaults" and "^blibdirs$" to recommended MANIFEST.SKIP
  to pacify newer ExtUtil::MakeMaker.

* Starting to think about how to make "disttest" + "dist"
  not signing twice.

[Changes for 0.37 - 2003-11-06]

* Move bin/cpansign to script/cpansign.

* Make cpansign exit upon failure.

[Changes for 0.36 - 2003-10-28]

* Use sign(1) to autosign ourselves.

* Soren A pointed out that hkp:// didn't work with GnuPG.

[Changes for 0.25 - 2003-08-28]

* Now ships with my pubkey and PAUSE's.

* Interactive Makefile.PL, suggested by Jarkko.

[Changes for 0.34 - 2003-08-18]

* Don't ask user to install Crypt::OpenPGP if she does not have a
  C compiler anyway.

* ExtUtils::Manifest 1.38 does not support good enough skips even
  for Makefile.PL, sigh.

[Changes for 0.33 - 2003-08-12]

* William Wentworth-Sheilds points out that META.yml is dynamic,
  which makes SIGNATURE incorrect for people without either "diff"
  or "gpg".  Fixed.

[Changes for 0.32 - 2003-08-11]

* Take Schwern's patch to only set _maniskip for legacy EU::Manifest.

* Remove ::TieOut since we are not using it anymore.

* Reduce noise for untrusted signatures to two lines.

[Changes for 0.31 - 2003-08-10]

* Scott R. Godin pointed out 0.30 had bad signature.  whoops.

[Changes for 0.30 - 2003-08-10]

* Add JHI to authors.

* Patch from Michael Schwern: only let GnuPG display anything
  if we're handling suspicious keys, not when you have added
  the signer into the trustdb.

* New global config variable, $Verbose.

  MODULE_SIGNATURE_KEYSERVERPORT env variables are now respected.

* Only supply _default_skip if our ExtUtils::MakeMaker is too old.

[Changes for 0.29 - 2003-08-08]

* Now fails gracefully all the time, including when incapable of
  connecting to the keyserver.

* Also, SHA1 sum is still checked even if the user does not have

* Hence, Crypt::OpenPGP is no longer a mandatory prerequisite even
  for users without gnupg.

* "0E0" is now made into a constant, CANNOT_VERIFY.

* Do not die() when we absolutely can't verify.

* BZAJAC pointed out that we should add .svn to _default_skip.

[Changes for 0.28 - 2003-07-29]

* Remove Digest.pm dependency.

* Don't test for "diff -version" anymore -- not all diffs
  have -version, thanks again to Alan Burlison.

[Changes for 0.27 - 2003-07-28]

* More punctuation cleanups in POD.

* Michael Schwern pointed out that successful tests shouldn't be noisy.

[Changes for 0.26 - 2003-07-17]

* New internal function, _verify(), that takes $sigfile as its first
  argument, eliminating the "local $Module::Signautre::SIGNATURE" approach.

* sign() now also takes a skip=> parameter (defaults to true)
  about whether to respect MANIFEST.SKIP.  This needs to be
  set to 0 to sign blib/ archives.

* Officially supporting signing and verification of PAR files, using PAR::Dist.

* Let's ignore warnings when performing on exe files

[Changes for 0.24 - 2003-07-08]

* Preliminary PAR support.

[Changes for 0.23 - 2003-07-07]

* Ken Williams noted that M::B now works on 5.005.

[Changes for 0.22 - 2003-05-15]

* Move Signature.pm to lib/Module/Signature.pm.

* Switch to the Module::Install framework.

* Updates TODO to reflect correspondence with andk.

* Matt Southall mentioned that, if somebody has never run gpg before,
  we need to initialize it once before running test.

* Warn about potential 'Makefile' exploit as pointed out by Tels.
  Document pending.

* Bugfix for incorrect 'MALFORMED' response to signatures made from 
  older versions of GnuPG, as reported by Tels.

[Changes for 0.18 - 2002-11-04]

* Binary files handling on win32 was broken. (Jos Boumans)

[Changes for 0.17 - 2002-10-30]

* Resolve bug report by Iain Truskett: cpansign -s should not complain
  manifest mismatch if SIGNATURE is lacking.

* Also, bail out gracefully when signing fails, instead of crippling the

* MANIFEST.SKIP doc lifted from Test::Signature.

* Minor POD fixups.

[Changes for 0.16 - 2002-10-28]

* Adds AUTHORS file.

* Added connectivity probing for testing.

* Print a helpful success message after signing.

* Don't cripple old SIGNATURE file.

* Suggestion from Tels: skip the ambiguous 'optional'
  probing for Crypt::OpenPGP if gnupg is there.

[Changes for 0.15 - 2002-10-17]

* Fixed compatibility with old MakeMaker versions, thanks to chromatic.

* Fixed "no /dev/tty" bug during smoke testing,
  as reported by the excellent CPAN Smokers.

[Changes for 0.12 - 2002-10-12]

* Supports automatic key retrieval, implemented in Crypt::OpenPGP.

[Changes for 1.02 - 2002-10-12]

* Fixed the default cipher from MD5 back to SHA1.

[Changes for 0.10 - 2002-10-12]

* Fixed a problem that prevents earlier versions of GnuPG from fetching
  public keys via --keyserver-option=auto-key-retrieve.

[Changes for 0.09 - 2002-10-12]

* Documented the package variables so they become part of APIs.

* Alternative (non-SHA1) ciphers in SIGNATUREs are now recognized.

* Added a new return value, CIPHER_UNKNOWN.

* Mention Test::Signature.

* Ditch Test::More from the sample script.

* Label tests.

[Changes for 0.09 - 2002-10-11]

* We're no longer alpha status; reflect in README.

* Incoporated a suggestion from Tels: undefining the $KeyServer
  package variable should disable automatic key-fetching.

* Include the tests from Iain.

* Tels: disable KeyServer fetching if it's undef'ed.

[Changes for 0.07 - 2002-10-11]

* Fixed our own signatures.

[Changes for 0.06 - 2002-10-10]

* Use many-arg system() instead of the one-arg form to prevent security breach.

* Iain Truskett: fixed export bug so SIGNATURE_OK is properly exported.

* Introduced global $KeyServer variable, default at 'pgp.mit.edu'.

* Suggestion from Aurthur Bergman: cpansign without arg should DWIM.

* Set a default keyserver for cpansign -v.

* Use by-name params for functions. sign(override => $bool).

[Changes for 0.05 - 2002-08-14]

* Typo correction and safety checking.

[Changes for 0.04 - 2002-08-14]

* Added boilerplate text before SIGNATURE to explain what's it about.

* Crypt::OpenPGP signature didn't work.

* Add keyword expansion tags.