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Revision history for MojoX-DirectoryListing

0.01    2013-09-08
	Initial release

0.02	2013-09-09
	Fix _mk_fileserver function to respond with correct content-type.
	Skip forbidden tests on MSWin32

0.03	2013-09-11
	Support user specified style/stylesheets for output

0.04	2013-09-12
	Support for user specified header and footer.
	Include icons to the left of directory listing indicating file type
	when the  show-icon => 1  option is provided.

0.05	2013-11-23
	test fix, pod updates

0.06	2016-11-28
	fix links for sorting the directory listing
	cygwin test fix

0.07	2016-12-02
	fix mysterious placeholder bug that affects some older systems

0.08	2016-12-04
	additional tests to validate that test file hierarchy is correct

0.09	2017-01-08
	bug fixes

0.12	2021-11-04
	test fix