Revision history for Mojolicious-Plugin-AccessLog

0.010   2015-07-15
        - Bug fix: Figure out request start line w/o side effects.
        - Close severe memory leaks.

0.009   2015-06-19
        - Windows strftime again: Remove strftime("%T") in test.

0.008   2015-06-18
        - Workaround for strftime w/o %s support.
        - Increase inactivity timeout in test.
        - Switch to ExtUtils::MakeMaker.
        - Apply remedy for insomnia.

0.007   2015-06-15
        - Fix deprecation warning.
        - Replace auto-generated README by a gentle introduction in
          markdown format.
        - Increase minimum Mojolicious version to 3.28.
        - Bug fix: %t is request start time rather than logging time.
        - Support for new Apache time string format tokens.
        - %b/%B counts bytes on wire rather than response content-length.
        - Bug fix: %s is "-" if server did not sent a response.

0.006   2015-03-23
        - Requires Mojolicious 2.33.
        - Fix inbound traffic accounting %I.
        - Store user name in $c->req->env->{REMOTE_USER}
          rather than on the stash.
        - Deprecate uname_helper config option.
        - Enable Travis CI.
        - Compute response size (%B, %b) from outbound traffic
          if no Content-Length exists in the response header.

0.005   2015-01-29
        - Add traffic measuring like Apache mod_logio.
        - Test fix for localhost aka (srezic, reneeb)

0.004   2013-05-17
        - Fix for Mojolicious 4.0 breaking changes (ChinaXing)

0.003   2013-03-04
        - Set perl_version in Makefile.PL to make Module::Install happy.
        - Fix occasionally misformatted request serving time in
          microseconds (%D).
        - Escape spaces in usernames for standard log formats "common"
          and "combined".
        - New plugin parameter "uname_helper" to define a helper method
          to set the username value (%u) of the log.
        - Honour environment variable REMOTE_USER for %u (Joseph Frazer)

0.002   2013-01-29
        - Delay access log line until transaction is finished.
        - Fix regex warnings from Perl 5.17.6.
        - Fix a bug in tests, that became visible in 5.17.6.

0.001   2012-11-03
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.