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1.05 2021-12-19T23:18:00Z
    - Added code to accept set database by reference

1.04 2021-07-13T07:50:00Z
    - Added die with the error if some database does not loader.
    - Added changes to work with latest version of Mojolicious::Plugin::Model.
    - Improved detection of default namespace like Mojolicious::Plugin::Model.

1.03 2021-06-27T00:50:00Z
    - Solved error in file test.

1.02 2021-06-27T00:26:00Z
    - Solved formatting of the pod.

1.01 2021-06-27T00:11:00Z
    - Added version minimal to Mojo::SQLite.
    - Added more information in doc.
    - Solved error in tests with Windows.

1.00 2021-06-25T21:11:00Z
    - Added Mojo::Pg, Mojo::mysql, Mojo::SQLite and Mojo::Redis in database options,
      auto instantiate modules and inject reference in Model::DB.
    - Solved big problem of camelize moniker.

0.10 2019-08-14T02:00:00Z
    - Added prerequisite minimum version 0.10 of module Mojolicious::Plugin::Model.

0.09 2019-08-07T09:40:00Z
    - Removed duplication of method _load_class_for_name.
    - Added module Storable to deep cloning variable $conf.
    - Remake 'namespaces' inside method register.

0.08 2019-08-04T00:30:00Z
    - Added missing prereq Mojo::Base as suggested by CPANTS. (manwar)

0.07 2019-08-04T00:30:00Z
    - Updated cpanfile

0.06 2019-08-04T00:15:00Z
    - Changed Moo to Class::Method::Modifiers

0.05 2019-08-04T00:01:00Z
    - Added module Moo like dependency.

0.04 2019-08-03T23:15:00Z
    - Fixed error in doc.

0.03 2019-08-03T23:03:00Z
    - Rename files MYMETA to META.

0.02 2019-08-03T10:14:40Z
    - Removed development trash.

0.01 2019-08-02T10:16:31Z
    - First release.