Revision history for Perl module Monitoring::Plugin.

0.40 25th July 2018
  - improve --extra-opts error handling (#18)
  - fix handling named arguments (#17)
  - Allow negation of command line arguments using '--no'-prefix (#13)
  - Fix plugin-name processing in ALRM handler. (#12)
  - Fixed regex in plugin_exit() that handles hyphen for LONGOUTPUT (#11)
  - Support LONGTEXT output in plugin_exit (#10)
  - convert empty perfdata values to 'U' (daku3649 #5)
  - fix output when there is only long plugin output (pdugas)

0.39 11th April 2015
  - fix help formating when using colons (Evgeni Golov)
  - fix "Redundant argument in sprintf" in perl 5.21 (RT #103214)

0.38 28th December 2014
  - fix getopt test on windows system

0.37 20nd January 2014
  - renamed module due to trademark issues

0.36 22nd December 2011
  - Updated check_threshold to allow multiple check values to be checked at once

0.35 3rd December 2010
  - Fixed test failures with Test::More 0.96 (Slaven Rezic and Peter John Edwards - RT57709)

0.34 15th April 2010
  - Amended standard --extra-opts help
  - pod fix (Frank Wiegand - RT51872)
  - Added %STATUS_TEXT to valid possible exports (Andrew Ford - RT46048)

0.33 5th June 2009
  - Fixed infinite loop when invalid performance data with multiple = were present

0.32 3rd March 2009
  - Handle performance data with quotes in the label (thanks to Kang)
  - Die if default config file is not available and --extra-opts is set

0.31 5th January 2009
  - Check for valid numerical value before returning perfdata object

0.30 13th December 2008
  - Fixed performance parsing when numeric fields had commas instead of periods due to locale settings
  - If a performance set is not parseable, instead of returning an empty array, will return all the successfully
    parsed sets
  - Fixed test plan for Nagios-Plugin-Performance.t

0.29 2nd December 2008
  - clean_label, for cleaning up a label for RRD, but without truncation

0.28 21st November 2008
  - Fixed test problems when run against Test::More 0.86
  - Added max_state_* wrappers

0.27 14th May 2008
  - Fixed parsing of performance data with scientific notation

0.26 28th March 2008
  - Fixed test failure in t/Nagios-Plugin-Getopt-03.t (Thomas Guyot-Sionnest)

0.25  17th March 2008
  - Fixed parsing of performance data with negative values and full range definitions

0.24  1st February 2008
  - Fixed a test failure which highlighted a precision rounding within hashes

0.23  18th December 2007
  - Use $^X for perl in check_stuff.t test, due to lots of failing in CPAN Testers

0.22  13th December 2007
  - Fixed handling of repeated ini arguments

0.21  24th September 2007
  - Help, usage and version output now goes to stdout, not stderr

0.20  5th September 2007
  - Version bump because of CPAN permission problems

0.19  4th September 2007
  - Fix test failures due to bad MANIFEST file
  - Fixed performance parsing where uom = %
  - Fixed version numbering

0.18  31st August 2007
  - Fix error when parsing performance data where warn or crit are 0
  - Optional _use_die flag to force nagios_die to call die instead of exit, so
    exceptions can be caught with an eval
  - Convenience function to set use_die so you can run 'use Nagios::Plugin::Performance use_die => 1'

0.17  23rd March 2007
  - bump version number again due to cpan indexing stupidity (Gavin)

0.16  23rd March 2007
  - added support for multi-entry help output (e.g. two separate help entries for --warning) (Gavin)
  - added automatic spec-to-help-text support to N::P::Getopt (Gavin)
  - added initial --extra-opts support to N::P::Getopt (Gavin)
  - removed default use of Threshold from N::P::Performance (Gavin)
  - removed remaining Class::Struct usages from Performance, Threshold, and Range (Gavin)
  - fixed warnings when no uom specified for add_perfdata (Ton)
  - added max_state function in N::P::Functions (Ton)

0.15  19th December 2006
  - exposed Getopt and Threshold functionality from top level Nagios::Plugin
  - exchanged Class::Struct for Class::Accessor

0.14  18th October 2006
  - Fixed version number due to CPAN upload

0.13  18th October 2006
  - Lots of extra tests and fixes from Nathan Vonnahme
  - Nagios::Plugin::Getopt, Functions and ExitResult added by Gavin Carr

0.12  15th June 2006
  - rrdlabel method available to get a performance label, 
	converted to something rrd can use
  - fixes to parse_perfstring routine if values are 0
  - is_set method for range object to see if warning/critical range is set

0.11  14th June 2006
  - Interface changed for parse_perfstring, returning empty 
	array if not parseable
  - Fixed problem when parsing nagiosgraph data (linefeed at end 
	of perfdata)

0.10  8th June 2006
	First release to CPAN

0.01  Fri Jun  2 14:10:58 2006
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-X -n Nagios::Plugin