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Revision history for Perl extension Moose-Policy

0.05 Sun. Nov. 21, 2010
    - This distribution has been deprecated for a long time. This release
      makes it official. Note that this module no longer even passes its tests
      with recent versions of Moose.

0.04 Sun. Nov. 29, 2009
    - Fix a couple of POD typos.
    - Fix test warnings on new Moose versions.

0.03 Sat. April 14th, 2007
    - changing it to use the Class::MOP::is_class_loaded
      and Class::MOP::load_class instead.
    - fixed the metaclass loading to work with newer
      versions of Class::MOP

0.02 Sun. Nov. 5, 2006
    - We removed UNIVERSAL::require in Moose recently, and
      this module was breaking beacuse of that. It is now

0.01 Wed. Aug. 9, 2006
    - module created by Stevan Little and Eric Willhelm,
      with input form Matt Trout and the #moose crew.