Moose::Cookbook::Meta::Table_MetaclassTrait - Adding a "table" attribute as a metaclass trait


version 2.2203


  # in lib/MyApp/Meta/Class/Trait/
  package MyApp::Meta::Class::Trait::HasTable;
  use Moose::Role;

  has table => (
      is  => 'rw',
      isa => 'Str',

  # in lib/MyApp/
  package MyApp::User;
  use Moose -traits => 'HasTable';



In this recipe, we'll create a class metaclass trait which has a "table" attribute. This trait is for classes associated with a DBMS table, as one might do for an ORM.

In this example, the table name is just a string, but in a real ORM the table might be an object describing the table.


This really is as simple as the recipe "SYNOPSIS" shows. The trick is getting your classes to use this metaclass, and providing some sort of sugar for declaring the table. This is covered in Moose::Cookbook::Extending::Debugging_BaseClassRole, which shows how to make a module like itself, with sugar like has_table().

Using this Metaclass Trait in Practice

Accessing this new table attribute is quite simple. Given a class named MyApp::User, we could simply write the following:

  my $table = MyApp::User->meta->table;

As long as MyApp::User has arranged to apply the MyApp::Meta::Class::Trait::HasTable to its metaclass, this method call just works. If we want to be more careful, we can check that the class metaclass object has a table method:

  $table = MyApp::User->meta->table
      if MyApp::User->meta->can('table');

In theory, this is not entirely correct, since the metaclass might be getting its table method from a different trait. In practice, you are unlikely to encounter this sort of problem.


This recipe doesn't work when you paste it all into a single file. This is because the use Moose -traits => 'HasTable'; line ends up being executed before the table attribute is defined.

When the two packages are separate files, this just works.


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