Revision history for MooseX-Daemonize

0.22      2019-12-07 01:25:48Z
    - fix usage of setsid

0.21      2016-02-16 05:15:14Z
    - some distribution retooling

0.20      2015-08-16 03:27:34Z
    - some tooling modernization and documentation cleanup.

0.19      2014-02-07 04:19:25Z
    - fix buggy test that does not try hard enough to look for a nonexistent
      pid (ether)
    - repository moved to github moose organization

0.18      2013-05-13 19:34:52Z
    - make tests a bit more tolerant of slow systems, by waiting longer for
      processes to die (RT#85229, Chisel Wright)

0.17  2013-04-20
    - Makefile.PL now prevents installation on MSWin32

0.16  2013-04-14
    - fix incompatibilities with Test::Builder 1.005+ (schwern, RT#76523)
    - add missing dependency on the version of File::Path which added
      make_path (RT#79169, Jonathan Sailor)
    - add missing test dependency on Test::Exception (RT#70382)
    - document the 'basedir' attribute and its behaviour (RT#83055)
    - add 'documentation' keys for public attributes, to be used when
      displaying --help (RT#54295)

0.15  2012-05-31
    - fix versions

0.14  2012-05-30
    - recommend Daemon::Control instead
    - fix bug with pidbase dir not being created
      if it doesn't already exist

0.13  2011-07-06
    - adding docs related to closing all
      filehandles and the issues that can
      cause with things like Log::Log4Perl
      (thanks to Maik Hentsche via RT #67016)
    - updating copyright dates

0.12  2010-07-11
    - release without the .git directory in it

0.11  2010-07-10
    * MooseX::Daemonize::Core
      - make the options to daemonize()
        into proper attributes but still
        retained back-compat (Thanks to Magnus Erixzon)
          - adjusted docs and tests

    - removed the pod.t and pod-coverage.t tests

0.10  2010-04-17
    - updated copyrights
    - removed the POE test because it was causing
      random failures when installing from CPAN
      and not adding enough value to keep around
    - applied POD corrections from RT #50091
      (thanks to Kostyuk Oleg)

0.09  2009-10-05
	* s/no_plan => 1/'no_plan'/g (Dave Rolsky)
	* Synchronize Version numbers

0.08  2008-09-07
    * t/
      - Removed usage of Cwd in favour of a temporary dir to prevent test fails
        when running in an unwritable dir
      - patch to ensure that t/01.filecreate.t passes (thanks to Jose Luis Rey)

0.07  2008-05-24
    * MooseX::Daemonize
      - Made default pidbase '/var/run' rather
        than './var/run'

    * t/
      - Small fixups to pidfile testing in

    ~ Removed the Build.PL since Module::Install
      has removed their support

0.06  2007-12-21
    * MooseX::Daemonize
      - Fix logic that kills process so it doens't always warn
        about undead process
      - Added stop_timeout to allow user to control timings.
      - Refactored to roles
        - removed Proc::Daemon dependency
        - removed File::Pid dependency
      - added exit_code and status_message to capture the
        exit code and a status message :)
        - refactored start/stop/restart to use these
        - added tests for this
      - added a &status command which returns a bool telling
        you if the daemon is running or not
        - added tests for this

    * Test::MooseX::Daemonize
      - updated docs
      - removed Proc::Daemon dependency

    * MooseX::Daemonize::Core
      - the core daemonization methods are here
        - added tests for this

    * MooseX::Daemonize::WithPidFile
      - the PID file handling is added to the core here
        - added tests for this

    * MooseX::Daemonize::Pid
      - added this package to replace the File::Pid stuff

    * MooseX::Daemonize::Pid::File
      - added this package to replace the File::Pid stuff, it is a subclass
        of MooseX::Daemonize::Pid (stevan)
        - added tests for this (stevan)

0.05  2007-11-18
    - Fix logic that kills process so it doens't always warn
      about undead process
    - Added stop_timeout to allow user to control timings.

0.04  2007-11-11
    - Fix stupid perlcritic.t cause the Module::Starter::PBP tests were
      stupid but I didn't realize it.

0.03  2007-10-22
    - Add File::Slurp to dependencies so our tests pass better

0.02  2007-09-19
    - Fixed bug where sometimes the pidfile is writeable but pidbase is not -- reported by dec
    - Fixed bug where the pidfile wasn't being updated properly -- reported by dec
    - Added is_daemon attribute
    - Added another fork to make sure we short circuit out of the daemonize process properly
    - Switch to File::Pid
    - Add the GetOpt prereq
    - Adjust the kill timings
    - Added THANKS to pod

0.0.1  2007-05-16
       Initial release.