0.21 2015-02-08

- No code changes from 0.20.

0.20 2015-01-01 (TRIAL RELEASE)


- The errors thrown by this module when a type constraint fails have
  changed. They are now instances of the
  class. When stringified, this class include the message generated by the
  failing type constraint. While similar to the error message thrown by
  Params::Validate itself, this message does not match that string exactly,
  and may break code that relies on a regex against the error message. This
  addresses RT #89378, requested by several people.

0.19 2014-11-08

- Added support for the depends parameter. RT #98685. (Hans Staugaard)

0.18 2013-01-16

- Fix broken prereq specification in 0.17. Reported by Justin Hunter.

0.17 2013-01-16

- Fix tests that broke with new hash randomization in 5.17.6. (Dagfinn Ilmari

0.16 2011-01-29

- The validated_list and validated_hash functions now accept the values to be
  validated as both a hash and a hash reference.

0.15 2010-11-29

- Add MX_PARAMS_VALIDATE_ALLOW_EXTRA which allows extra parameters in
  validation calls (like allow_extra for Params::Validate).

- Converted to Test::Fatal.

0.14 2010-03-18

- The validated_hash method failed when called on in an overloaded stringify
  method. Patch by Ian Sillitoe. RT #52565.

0.13 2009-11-29

- Fix so that validated_hash does not try to coerce optional parameters which
  are not present. Patch by Ian Sillitoe.

- Same fix for pos_validated_list. (Dave Rolsky)

0.12 2009-07-07

- Using the subroutine name as a cache key for validation specs broke in the
  face of method modifiers, which all appear to have the same name. Now we use
  Devel::Caller to get the CV of the caller and use its refaddr as the key,
  which will be unique in all cases. Bug report by Jos Boumans. RT #46730.

0.11 2009-07-07

- The validation functions tried to coerce optional keys which weren't present
  in the incoming parameters, leading to weird errors. Based on a patch from
  Jos Boumans. RT #46344.

- Allow other callbacks to be specified. Previously these were silently thrown
  out. But we'd recommend just defining types that encapsulate everything in
  the callback instead. Based on a patch from Jos Boumans. RT #47647.

0.10 2009-06-30

- Shut up deprecation warnings from the tests. Reported by John Goulah.

0.09 2009-02-01

- The subroutine name being reported in error messages was screwy.

0.08 2009-02-01

- Renamed validate to validated_hash and validatep to validated_list. The old
  function names are still available under the ":deprecated" import tag.

- Added a new pos_validated_list which can validate position parameters.

- Errors now reflect the subroutine that called the validation function,
  rather than coming form inside the validation function itself.

0.07 2008-09-21

- No code changes, just fixing missing prereqs (Dave Rolsky)

0.06 2008-09-20

- Fixes to work with Moose 0.58 (Dave Rolsky)

- Switched to using Module::Install (Dave Rolsky)

0.05 2008-03-07

- This package would cause a fatal error if loaded by a non-Moose class (Dave

- Added support for coercions (Dave Rolsky)

0.04 2008-01-08

- upped the Moose dependency and added support for the new improved Moose type

- adding caching of the prepared parameter specs, this results in approx. 3x
  speedup using rough benchmarks.

- added special caching handlers see the IMPORTANT NOTE ON CACHING section of
  the POD for more details

0.03 2007-06-08

- added support for using this within role methods too.

0.02 2007-04-25

- added validatep, which returns the captured args as positional instead of as

0.01 2007-04-18

- trying to fill a gap, we will see ...