Revision history for MooseX-Traits

0.13      2015-08-16 04:10:59Z
        - update some distribution tooling

0.12      2013-11-13 07:21:32Z
        - removed use of deprecated Class::MOP::load_class
        - repository migrated from shadowcat to the github moose organization
        - uses of Test::Exception converted to Test::Fatal

0.11   2010-05-13 12:31:00Z
        - Fix doc typo. jawnsy++

0.10   2010-05-12 15:53:56Z
        - Stop pretending the created classes are anonymous.
          They used to close over their own metaclass, so they were never
          cleaned up anyway and only made debugging unnecessarily hard as
          all instances referenced the metaclass as well.
        - Require newer version of MX::Role::Parameterized in the parameterized
          role test. (RT#49873).

0.09   2010-04-07 03:51:40Z
        - Class->with_traits(...)->new is now preferred over

0.08   2010-02-13 17:05:23Z
        - Allow you to pass traits => 'OneTrait' rather than having to say
          traits => ['OneTrait'] to help when getting traits from things that
          want to send a scalar (e.g. Config::General)

0.07   2009-08-16 15:38:47Z
        - deprecate apply_traits ("no warnings" to disable warning)
        - add MooseX::Traits::Util so that other modules can resolve trait names
        - add new_class_with_traits util function to create classes with traits

0.06   2009-06-28 22:30:58Z
        - use "is => bare" on newer moosen (Closes: RT#47011) (hdp)
        - depend on a Moose version that provides
          meta->constructor_name (Closes RT#46936)

0.05   2009-05-28 15:37:21Z
        - support subclasses of classes that use MX::Traits

0.04   2009-05-27 06:00:29Z
        - add apply_traits method
        - use meta->constructor_name instead of 'new'

0.03   2008-06-12 16:57:29Z
        - stevan changed some stuff

0.02   2008-06-02 23:40:55Z
        - leave "new" alone, add a new "new_with_traits" instead

0.01   2008-05-24 23:54:26Z
        - inital release