Revision history for MooseX-Types-LoadableClass

0.015     2017-06-16 23:37:46Z
  - do not create an extra, unused ClassName type (this fixes a problem
    observed with MooseX::Types and Sub::Defer; see RT#119534)

0.014     2015-08-16 02:03:26Z
  - update some distribution tooling

0.013     2014-11-16 21:29:04Z
  - switch from Class::Load to Module::Runtime for loading modules

0.012     2013-10-20 19:04:23Z
  - re-release with fixed encoding in metadata, support files

0.011     2013-10-02 01:36:29Z
  - only try to load the class if it's a valid module name (ilmari)

0.010     2013-09-07 21:37:31Z
  - avoid trying to load the class if already loaded (minor optimization)
  - repository moved to the github moose organization

0.009 2013-06-10
  - now performing type checking in the type check itself, not the coercion,
    to fix results when the type check fails (RT#86041, Karen Etheridge)

0.008 2012-03-13
  - Do not require Test::Exception. RT#75246

0.007 2012-02-15
  - Be more paranoid about the potential for $_ being clobbered.

0.006 2011-07-05
  - Change to use Class::Load, rather than Class::MOP::load_class

0.005 2010-06-22
  - Fix required version of MooseX::Types.

0.004 2010-05-14
  - Add a LoadableRole type.

0.003 2010-05-12
  - 'ClassName' is now exactly the same as 'LoadableClass', so that old code
    still works if you use a custom type map of 'LoadableClass' for
    MX::Storage/Kioku etc.
    (Note that they should normally work anyway with a default type map, as
    they subtype ClassName which subtypes Str)

0.002 2010-05-12
  - Change the name to 'LoadableClass' as this is what people expect.
    The old 'ClassName' export is still present for backwards compatibility,
    but no longer documented.

0.001 2010-03-03
  - Initial version.