Revision history for MooseX-Types-Structured

0.36    2017-05-09 23:08:27Z
        - update distribution tooling (should fix RT#114060)

0.35    2015-12-27 00:32:49Z
        - avoid spaces in slurpy type constraint names (ilmari, PR#1)

0.34    2015-08-16 02:39:14Z
        - bump namespace::clean prereq

0.33    2015-04-01 17:10:23Z
        - avoid using a method installer in the main importer, to avoid
          removing subs' blessedness (RT#103247)

0.32    2015-03-28 21:39:38Z
        - fix namespace cleaning with older MooseX::Types

0.31    2015-03-28 21:08:14Z
        - various misc distribution and packaging cleanup

0.30    2013-12-19 22:51:17Z
        - remove pod from internal and unindexed modules, for a prettier
          metacpan release page

0.29    2013-11-20 23:36:48Z
        - fixed use of an interface that was deprecated in Moose-2.1100
        - repository migrated from shadowcat to the github moose organization

0.28    2011-10-03
        - Fixed regression where mixed type constraints (MX:Types style and
        'classic' Stringy style) are used in a single structured type doesn't

0.27    2011-04-28
        - test fixes for new Moose

0.26    2011-01-02
        - removed version from Test::Fatal as asked by the debian folks
        - small documentation updates

0.25    2010-12-28
        - fixed bug where ->is_subtype_of dies meaninglessly when the type we
          are trying to check is not a type we can find.  This makes our
          handling consistent with core Moose.  Also changed ->equals and
          ->is_a_type_of to be consistent.
        - Added test case for above
        - The test suite now uses Test::Fatal instead of Test::Exception (Karen

0.24    2010-11-16
        - Added some performance enhancing caching code (phaeton)

0.23    2010-07-01
        - Changes to the return value of ->validate that hopefully is both
          backwardly compatible as well as more detailed.  Now if you have
          a deeply recursive of repeated type constraints inside other
          type constraints you will get a drill down report to show the
          actual type constraint that failed

0.22    2010-06-01
        - Added tests to demonstrate type constraint equality problem
          introduced in Moose 1.05

0.21    2010-03-26
        - Removed unneed module from test
        - additional contributed documentation fixes

0.20    2010-02-04
        - Add a new Map type. (Ricardo SIGNES)
        - Properly handle Optional[] types within Tuples and Dicts.
          (Florian Ragwitz)

0.19    2009-11-06
        - Require Devel::PartialDump 0.10 and change tests to expect the
          correct format of error.

0.18    2009-08-17
        - Changed the Makefile.PL to reduce dependencies not needed by users
          that are not authors.  Bumped the revision and released to clear an
          error with cpan permissions.

0.17    2009-08-12
        - No new functionality.
        - Changed the way we specify dependencies in the Makefile.PL to reduce
          the depth of the dependency chain in cases where we don't need to be
          running the author quality tests.
        - Some documentation tweaks.

0.16    2009-05-28
        - Fix failing tests and test warnings on MooseX::Types 0.11.

0.15    2009-05-27
        - Change copy on license and added contributors section

0.14    2009-05-01
        - Use a builder instead of wrapping new to set the default structured
          coercion (rafl).
        - Make overflow (slurpy) type constraints introspectable and the name
          of constraints using them reasonable (rafl).

0.13    2009-04-25
        - Explicitly don't inline yet another constructor to avoid
          warnings (autarch).

0.12    2009-04-21
        - Explicitly don't inline the constructor to avoid warnings (rafl).
        - Pathological test cases for API methods equals, is_a_type_of and
          is_subtype_of (rafl).
        - significant improvements to API methods is_a_type_of, is_subtype_of
          and equals (nothingmuch).

0.11    2009-04-06
        - Fixed braindead bug in the way I override ->validate, which caused
          valiate to never correctly pass a constraint.

0.10    2009-04-02
        - Minor documentation grammar fixes and one major example error fixed
        - Much improved error reporting.  Now we return the 'internal' error
          that kicked a validation failure.  It's still best to use this for
          debugging rather than for actual user error messages, since I think
          we are rapidly approaching a need for Moose constraints needing more
          in the error and message reporting.
        - Documentation for the above.

0.09    2009-03-07
        - I guess we don't support the "subtype MyType, [TypeConstraint]" syntax
          anymore.  Changed the recursion test to reflect that, which should fix
          my 100% fail rate :)
0.08    2009-03-06
        - New Feature: slurpy method for when you want a structured type
          constraint that allows trailing arguments of indeterminate length.
          Please see the documentation and the '11-overflow.t' test for more.
        - Documentation for above as well as a bunch of POD cleanups, spell
          checks and improvements to formatting.
        - Stevan Little submitted a sweet  update to the '10-recursion.t' test
          that blows my mind.  Will probably form the core of a to be done set
          of cookbook style PODs.  Worth looking at.
        - First step at improving the error message you get when validation
          fails.  A full error stacktrace is not in this release, but you now
          at least get to see part of the offending value.

0.07    2008-12-09
        - Fixed typo in previous changelog
        - documentation improvements and updates
        - increased version requirement for MooseX::Types so that we can take
          advantage of the recursion support added.
        - added test for recursion.

0.06    2008-12-06
        - Added a 'helper' type constraint called Optional. See docs for more.
        - added lots of tests to cover the API better, coverage and fixes for
          the ->parameterize method in particular have been clarified.
        - changes so that the type contraints are more forgiving when null
          values appear in method calls.
        - used ->make_immutable which should speed up the constraints.
        - removed some unnecessary calls to use Moose when I wasn't using Moose.
        - lots of little code cleanup work and more internal documentation.
        - This version requires a newer Moose than previous versions.  The
          Makefile.PL has been updated to reflect this.  This is a required

0.05    2008-11-08
        - Fixed some wackiness in the documentation.

0.04    2008-11-07
        - Bumped minimum required versions of Moose and MooseX-Types to solve
          problem with overloading and type constraint names (issue resolved
          in Moose code.)
        - Changed the way the required Perl version string is used to increase
          compatibility and lowered minimum required Perl

0.03    2008-10-29
        - Fixed incorrect Perl version string (rafl)
        - hide the meta classes from pause.  This should clarify which POD is
          the right one to read and also I want to discourage people from
          subclassing that stuff since it will probably change
        - various documentation cleanup
        - new test 'example.t' with runable versions of the code in the example
          POD section.

0.02    2008-10-28
        - cleared up some typos in the test suite
        - Fixed some POD formatting issues, mostly some dumb tabs I ended up
          with when I switched editors.  Added a bit more documentation

0.01    2008-10-27
        - Completed basic requirements, documentation and tests.