Revision history for MooseX-Util

0.006     2015-06-26 11:32:06 PDT-0700
	* Drop MXAS, as we don't need it.

0.005     2015-05-15 09:38:31 PDT-0700
	* add a stub find_meta... apparently a number of items calling this
	  as MooseX::Util::find_meta() were breaking after the 0.004 changes.

0.004     2015-05-07 21:58:06 PDT-0700
	* add: is_private()

0.003     2014-05-22 12:30:56 PDT-0700
	* MooseX::TraitFor::Meta::Class::BetterAnonClassNames has been split into
	  its own dist, so let's require the first version of the module present
	  in that dist (and drop it here, naturally).

0.002     2014-03-03 12:17:31 PST-0800
	* Drop Reindeer as a prereq (oops)
	* Add a cpanfile
	* Mark v5.10 as the, ah, maximum minimum version of Perl

0.001     2012-10-29 11:20:28 PST8PDT
	* Initial release
	* we only override with_traits() at this point (in MX::Utils), in order to
	  use our slightly nicer set of anonymous role name picking
	* also includes MooseX::Traitor, and the various meta-bits needed to do
	  the above.  Traitor aims to be a MX::Traits alternate, but right now
	  it's pretty limited.