0.06  2009-10-11 | fixed for newer gtkmozembed
  - added handler for net_state signal, which is needed for some documents
    (I think when a document loads other docs); thanks to Marco Lamberto
    for the bug report and suggestion that it was related to net_stop
    not firing
  - fixed 'width' and 'height' methods of Image.pm; they now return
    the width and height attributes rather than using $img->GetWidth
    and $img->GetHeight, which apparently return random numbers...

0.05  2005-10-09
  - Fixed set_visible (tests in t/field.t). Aside from unimplemented
    methods (`success', `set_property'), all tests are passing now
    (though tests don't fully cover the code by a long shot).
  - Added `embedded' method to Browser class

0.04  2005-10-07
  - Ported more tests from Win32::IE::Mechanize. Radio button and maybe select
    stuff still not good. Fixed bugs in:
    o  Mechanize.pm:
       - images (wrong element order), and any methods relying on it
       - click, click_button ((still slightly) broken)
    o  Input.pm:
       - select_value (wasn't implemented)
       - type, for <select>, now returns 'select-one' for single select,
         'select-multiple' for multiple
    Sorry if I've missed any changes. There were many, and I was
    mostly just trying to get the tests to pass.

0.03  2005-10-04
  - Ported half of the tests from Win32::IE::Mechanize, uncovering
    many bugs (NOTE: tests will definitely fail now):
    o  Mechanize.pm:
       - reload (GUI not fully loading)
       - links (wrong element order), and any methods relying on it
    o  Form.pm:
       - inputs (GUI not fully loading, wrong element order)
       - enctype, method: now return default values if not present
       - attr, enctype, method: return default values if not present
       - tick (wasn't working)
    o  Input.pm:
       - radio_value (GUI not fully loading, other problems)
    o  Link.pm:
       - name (failed for <area>)
  - Put 'width', 'height', and 'visible' options in Mechanize->new
    (not in set_property, though)
  - Added `debug' option to Mechanize->new, which gives tracing info
    (in principle)

0.02  2005-10-01
  - Fixed several methods that weren't allowing the GUI to run
    o  Form.pm: submit, reset
    o  Input.pm: click
    o  Link.pm: click
    Thanks to Uwe Voelker for reporting it and for example code.

0.01  2005-09-25
  - Initial release, ported from Win32::IE::Mechanize.