Revision history for Perl module Nagios::Plugin::DieNicely

0.01 Fri May 23 13:32:43 2008
    - original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.51
0.02 Tue Jun 10 21:45:00 2008
    - let module user specify the desired Nagios exit status
    - better testing (use $^X) to lauch correct perl interpreter
0.03 Tue Dec 02 17:10:00 2008
    - don't catch dies that are in eval blocks
0.04 Thu May 27 19:00:00 2010
    - Bug fixed: if a module was dieing in a BEGIN block, Nagios::Plugin::DieNicely
      would capture it and exit. Now it will propagate the exception backwards. If
      it was in an eval block, the exception will be correctly captured. If it
      wasn't, the plugin will die in a non-nagios compatible way.
      Now running plugins under the debugger is possible, and doing 
      use Math::BigInt try => 'GMP' without GMP installed will all work (yay!)
    - Fixed test suite
0.05 Sat May 29 19:00:00
    - Fixed test suite. On some platforms one test case was exiting with a different exit code.
      Really not a problem with Nagios::Plugin::DieNicely