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Revision history for Perl extension Net::AOLIM.

0.01  Fri Jul 7
	Initial beta release.

0.1   Fri Jul 14
	First public release on CPAN.  Documentation
	and Makefiles added.

0.11  Sun Jul 16
	Re-release under a different name with minor changes to the

0.12  Sun Jul 16
	Minor modification to fix a condition in which the server's
	connection closing could cause an infinite loop.

1.0   Sun Jan 8, 2001
	Changed the client agent string to TOC1.0 to fix a problem
	where connections were sometimes ignored.  Also changed the
	default signon port to 5198 and the login port to 1234.

1.1   Sat Mar 17, 2001
	Changed the client agent string again, this time to what
	seems like the "correct" format, which is
		PROGRAM:$Version info$
	Also added the ability to set a login timeout in case the
	SIGN_ON packet never comes.

1.2   Wed Dec 19, 2001
	Fixed a bug in toc_chat_invite that made it ignore some of
	its arguments.  This should fix various problems with
	using this subroutine.  Thanks to Mike Golvach for pointing
        this out.

1.3   Mon Mar 11, 2002
	Changed (defined @tci_buddies) to (@tci_buddies) in
	toc_chat_invite.  Fixed a potential infinite loop in
	set_srv_buddies involving an off-by-one error in a for() test.
	Thanks to Bruce Winter for pointing this out.

1.4   Sat Apr 27, 2002
	Changed the way that Net::AOLIM sends the login command string
	because AOL apparently changed their server software, breaking
	the previous implementation.  The new method requires that only
	the user agent string be in double quotes; all other fields
	should not be quoted.  Note that this does not affect the user
	interface at all---it's all handled internally.  Thanks to Bruce 
	Winter, Fred Frey, Aryeh Goldsmith, and tik for help in tracking 
	down and fixing this error.

	Also added additional checks to read_sflap_packet so that if the
	other end of the connection dies we don't go into an infinite
	loop.  Thanks to Chris Nelson for pointing this out.

1.5   Thu Oct 3, 2002
	Added a very simple t/use.t test script that just makes sure
	the module loads properly.

1.6   Mon Jan 26, 2004
        Patched around yet another undocumented "feature" of the TOC
        protocol---namely, in order to successfully sign on, you must have
        at least one buddy in your buddy list.  At sign-on, in the absence
        of a real buddy list, Net::AOLIM inserts the current user as a
        buddy in group "Me."  Don't bother removing this buddy, as it
        doesn't really exist---as soon as you add any real buddies, this
        one will go away.  Thanks to Galen Johnson and Jay Luker for
        emailing with the symptoms.

1.61  Tue Jul 27, 2004
	Made a small change to the script to keep it from
	dumping deref warnings.  Thanks to an anonymous person who sent
	this suggestion through the CPAN bug tracking system.