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Revision history for perl module Net::AS2

1.0111 2023-12-19

 [Create dynamic test certificates]
 - tests failed due to expired hard-coded certs in t directory

1.0110 2019-06-17

 [Message-Id and Original-Message-ID]
 - RFC4130 requires Message-Id and Original-Message-ID delimited
   by angle brackets in header

1.0101 2019-03-11

 - POST request sets the Message-Id surrounded with angle brackets

 - send() accepts Filename key to set Content-Disposition filename
 - decode_message() extracts Content-Disposition filename.
   On success, Net::AS2::Message->filename() will return it.
   The filename value is also stored in the serialised Message.

 - MDN->match_mic() returns 1 when both partners request Encryption only

1.01 2019-02-21

 - Set default filename, so that Oracle B2B accepts the request

1.001 2019-02-08

 - Validate message id using Email::Address::addr_spec
   Allow for angle bracket quotes

 [File extensions]
 - Accept any file extension for key and certificate files

 - Use $VERSION instead of package MODULE VERSION
 - pass harsher Perl Critic tests

 [AS2 Version]
 - Update documentation to specify AS2 Version 1.0.
   Version 1.1 compression is not implemented

1.0 2019-01-30

 - Update POD documentation

 - Accept an HTTP::Headers compatible object for the headers parameter in
   decode_message() and decode_mdn(). A hash ref is also still accepted.

 - Use and configure Dist::Zilla
 - Review POD style
 - Fix POD content errors

 [*File options]
 - Enable private key and certificates to be read in from files

 [HTTPS support]
 - Enable UserAgent class to be configured
 - Provide support for sending requests over HTTPS

 [Enable SHA-2 support]
 - Use Digest::SHA to provide support for sha1 and sha2 signing.
   SHA-2 is not officially part of the AS2 RFC specification but
   is commonly implemented in AS2 implementations.

 [Bugfixes to ensure communication compatibility]
 - Tested communication with as2-server
 - Tested communication with RSSBus

 - Remove trailing whitespace
 - Remove use of experimental smartmatch feature
 - minor corrections of POD
 - Split up tests so that older Perl versions pass.
   This avoids some memory leak with Crypt::SMIME.
 - Add 2019 copyright
 - Update Maintainer information

0.03 2015-02-12

 - Fixing MIME::Tools dependency typo in Makefile

0.02 2012-11-26

 - Make create_useragent() a public method, primarily for testing

0.01 2012-11-22

 - Initial version