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Revision history for Perl extension Net-Amazon-DynamoDB-Table

0.05 2016-04-23T01:56:26Z
    - Instead of attempting to put an item and getting an error from AWS,
      remove all keys with a value of empty list, empty hash, or undef.

0.04 2016-03-11T13:42:59Z
    - rm unneeded dependencies

0.03 2016-03-05T02:09:55Z
    - bug fix to make timeout attribute actually work this time

0.02 2016-03-05T01:33:06Z
    - added a timeout attribute
    - now require N::A::DynamoDB::Lite v0.05 (was v0.03)

0.01 2015-11-02T21:48:55Z
    - original version