Revision history for Net-Async-Matrix

0.19    2017/04/04 16:25:19
         * Rebuild internals to use /sync rather than /initialSync + /events
         * Add first-class exposed API to encapsulate "room state"
         * Improvements to formatted message utility functions
         * Added some simple one-method example scripts
         * Support sending and receiving receipts
         * Configurable amount of initial backlog to request from homeserver
           at first sync
         * Have $state->members only return non-"leave" state members
         * Support monospace tags in build_formatted_message
         * Added ->convert_mxc_url

0.18    2015/07/22 16:44:56
         * Turn off HTTP pipelining by default
         * Include the Matrix user_id in the Notifier name, for logging

         * Placate synapse bug involving duplicate rooms in initialSync result
         * Use JSON::MaybeXS also in unit tests

0.17    2015/04/30 16:07:30
         * Configurable longpoll timeout
         * Give Rooms a startup future so users can await the initialSync of a
         * Allow message sending using transaction IDs
         * Use JSON::MaybeXS so we have a chance of faster JSON parsing

         * Don't crash if ->stop is called twice
         * Avoid a race condition if a new room event arrives before we finish
           the room initialSync
         * Fix to optional dependency in test skip logic
         * Ensure that ->stop/re->start doesn't crash

0.16    2015/02/18 20:08:08
         * Support m.notice and the various attachment types (m.file, audio,
           video) in bundled
         * Added ->upload method

0.15    2015/02/03 16:33:49
         * Add an option to disable the evenstream for the case of lightweight
           send-only clients
         * Support m.notice

0.14    2015/01/09 19:25:06
         * Support typing notifications

0.13    2014/12/10 17:08:42
         * Initial start at some unit tests

         * 'use URI' since it's needed
         * Clear the (global and room) initialSync futures if the operation
           fails so that the next call will re-attempt it

0.12    2014/12/02 15:50:18
         * Cope with new event format
         * Allow applications to handle new/unrecognised events by adding
           'on_unknown_events' event
         * Don't emit rich formatted messages if there are no actual
           formatting tags set on the String::Tagged instance

0.11    2014/11/14 18:25:06
         * Support formatted messages in the "org.matrix.custom.html" format
           by conversion to/from String::Tagged::Formatting instances
         * Display formatted messages and image URLs in the client

0.10    2014/11/04 16:15:31
         * Extracted 'make_room' as a subclassable method
         * Use new Net::Async::HTTP 0.36 ability to store SSL parameters
         * Pass $event as another param in on{_back,}_message so that new
           timestamp API is visible

         * Declare correct version of IaNotifier in Build.PL
         * Not all '/register' alternatives will have 'stages'
         * Fix to ->join_room ensuring that $room itself is always returned

0.09    2014/10/07 18:05:58
         * Many more events are handled and reported via on_state:
         * Added ability to send invites and an event for incoming invites
         * Room membership change events now also include the member making
           the change as well as the member the change is about
         * Allow setting room names and topics, adding and removing aliases,
           and changing member and room power levels

         * Fetch full room initial state on join or create before invoking
           on_state_synced event

0.08    2014/09/24 17:09:50
         * Added $room->joined_members, to allow filtering of other states
           (invitees, kicks/bans)
         * Fix ->register for new Registration API, including multi-stage
         * Added $room->leave
         * Client improvements
            + per-room commands: /me and /leave
            + display a user total count on the user list for a room

0.07    2014/09/22 17:05:01
         * Support /register Matrix API with user_id + password
         * Fix on_membership event argument order to match on_state_change

0.06    2014/09/19 17:35:40
         * New room event model to handle back-pagination as well as forward
         * Support room names and topics
         * Much improvement to '' - nicer formatting, room topics,
           put member joins/leaves/renames in the event log
         * Support /login Matrix API with user_id + password

0.05    2014/09/10 11:25:22
         * Split room 'on_member' events into separate events for membership
           vs. presence
         * Various neatenings and improvements in included '' script

         * Apply a timeout for longpoll so we don't end up waiting forever
         * Invoke ->log method of containing $matrix object, not toplevel

0.04    2014/09/04 18:10:00
         * Many and various improvements to the display of the sample client
         * Added 'on_synced_*' events to Room objects, removed 'on_room_synced'
           from Matrix object

0.03    2014/09/03 16:30:54
         * Many more updates for current Matrix API
         * Split 'on_room_add' into on_room_new + on_room_synced events
         * Support SSL

0.02    2014/08/27 19:30:34
         * Updates for latest Matrix REST API
         * ->create_room to return a new Room object
         * Document the user and membership structs
         * Initial sync of rooms when joining
         * Don't store room alias names
         * Added $room->members
         * Allow setting default on_room_* event handlers

         * Remember to fill in request content body of event stream requests,
           so wrappers around NaHTTP still see it

0.01    2014/08/23 10:29:11
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.