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Revision history for Perl extension Net::Dev::Tools::MIB::MIBLoadOrder.

1.1.0 8/26/2004
      - do not error when DEFINITION found in multiple files
        just do warning, keep first file
      - account for multiple BEGIN/END blocks within DEFINITION
      - allow for no extensions with  'noExt'

1.0.1 8/11/2004
       - changed MIB filehandle to be $MIB, reason being install failure
         on some platforms, MIB filehandle treated as bareword

1.0.0 8/9/2004
       - Consider first release
       - Changed the DEFINITION and IMPORT parser
          - grab DEF and IMPORT as chunks, then parse the chunck
       - Eliminated -singlefile option
          - if a DEF is found in more than one file, function errors out

0.9.2  9/3/2003
       - Third Beta post
       - yet more doc changes, doc was not referencing full package name
         MIBLoadOrder replaced with  Net::Dev::Tools::MIB::MIBLoadOrder
         where needed.

0.9.1  9/2/2003
       - Second Beta Post
       - modified parsings for IMPORTS, was failing from finding
         IMPORTS string in a description
       - minor doc changes

       <    our $VERSION = '0.9.1';
       >    our $VERSION = '0.9.0';
       <       if (/^IMPORTS/) {
       >       if (/IMPORTS/) {

0.9.0  8/29/2003
       - First Beta Post