Revision history for Perl extension Net::Finger.

1.0   Tue Dec 15 16:32:05 EST 1998
	- Wrote it in about 30 minutes while staying late at work. Cleaned
	  it up the next day for CPAN submission. See the BUGS section in
	  the pod for the things I'd like to work into it sometime.

1.01  Sun Dec 20 12:27:51 CST 1998
	- Fixed a silly bug with apostrophes in quoted strings. Thanks
	  muchly to James Mastros for pointing this out.

1.02  Sometime on February 11th
	- Chris Nandor, the Pudgemeister, pointed out that \r\n won't mean
	  what I was using it to mean on a Mac. We now use \015\012.

1.03  Wed Mar  3 12:33:45 EST 1999
	- The inifitely studly Vladimir Pastukhov sent me a patch for the
	  nifty "hostname:port" feature. Replaced the constant DEBUG stuff
	  with the user-frobbable $Net::Finger::debug flag.

1.04  Thu Mar  4 12:00:34 EST 1999
	- The Pudgemeister does it again. Damn, am I stupid.

1.05  Sat Jun 12 14:55:40 CDT 1999
	- John Porter is wee. I am neen. Fixed a bug with $_ that I
          deserve to be righteously slapped for. Thanks, John!

1.06  Thu Nov  1 15:14:27 PST 2001
	- Many thanks to Alan Burlison, who sent in a patch for a bug that
	  inhibited verbose output when using the "@host" syntax.